10 Health Benefits of Escape Room

The concept of escape rooms was first established in the early 2000s. From the very beginning, it has gained success among the people. It has resulted in the establishment of more than 1000’s escape rooms worldwide. The all-over experience and challenging puzzles of escape rooms turn out to be a major entertainment factor for people. Your brain constantly keeps working to solve the mysteries through clues. 

In all these years, escape rooms have also been shown to have a number of health benefits. How? Let’s look at it. 

  1. Benefactor of your General Mood 

The players in an escape room arena solve many puzzles and mysteries through clues. When they make their small breakthroughs from passing each level, the dopamine release in your brain results in a better general mood, it makes individuals feel more energized and more socially active. Completing the escape room challenges has been proved as a positive factor to the noticeable change in one’s personality. 

  1. Increase in Physical Activity 

It is recommend that you do at least 30 minutes of moderate to intensive exercise every day to keep yourself healthy. An escape room doubles this, as you need to be in it for 60 minutes. If you’re doing an escape room suitably, the chances are that you’ll be fluttering around, exploring high and low, and charge your heart rate up for extended periods of time. These activities will surely keep you healthy as it increases your physical involvement. 

  1. Memory Improvement 

Solving puzzles and mysteries, searching for clues through riddles, and facing challenges is a great way to improve your memory. Eventually, escape rooms give you great brain exercise. A lot of escape rooms require memory recollection, as the player has to recall things that they have seen in earlier stages in the game to break out from the locked room. All these things result in an increase in your memory capacity. 

  1. Relieve Stress 

Stress is the reason which keeps us sharp in most cases and is a benefactor in escape rooms scenario. The stress factor which the escape rooms give is different from what you get from your work and others. Many people join in escape rooms to relieve their work stress by getting involve in an entertaining gaming arena. 

Yes, the escape room mysteries also give you stress. The stress to solve the puzzles perfectly by noticing the given clues keeps your heart racing, flows more oxygen to your brain, and you are always ready for action.  

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  1. Learning Something New 

Escape rooms can help you in learning new knowledge and skills. On the positive side, these things can be transfer into real-world situations. When you’re able to make your way out of an escape room by solving the mysteries, you are also sharpening your brain to act smartly in a problematic situation in the real world. Escape rooms keep the players in an interacting environment which improves learning capacity. 

  1. Improvement in Communication & Social Skills 

Escape rooms force you to work together in a team which results in the better communication flow. An escape room is known to be a popular team-building activity because if you don’t know how to communicate with your team, you’ll never win the game. The situations in escape rooms are made in such a way that the players must communicate properly and work together to solve the problems. 

  1. Develops Your Fine Motor Skills 

Fine motor skill is the coordination of small muscles, in movements, usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers, with the eyes. Our awareness and knowledge of the world are constantly growing every day, and there are many things out there which can make fine motor skills grow quicker. Obviously, escape rooms are one of the things which develop an individual’s fine motor skills. 

  1. Increase In Happiness & Satisfaction 

The gameplay situations of escape rooms are craft in such a way that all the players will feel happiness and satisfaction after completing each level and burst out into excitement after unlocking the mystery. This will eventually increase the adrenaline rush in the participants. Staying happy and satisfy is the ultimate key to remain healthy. 

  1. Develops Attention to detail 

The main strategy of solving an escape room mystery is to look at the smallest details, which can be an important clue. The players always remain on attention to find the clues, looking carefully into the tiniest details. Paying attention to the smallest details can also improve you in solving some real-life problems. And escape rooms develop this skill. 

  1. Stimulates the Senses 

When you place in an escape room arena, you experience the ambiance, visuals, sound, aromas, and many more. The moment when the players enter the escape room, their senses are arouse. You feel a sudden urge of survival instinct, where you have to work with your team to break out from the locked scenario. 

Hence, Escape Rooms are known as a factor that can give certain health benefits. Last but not the least benefit is that escape rooms are fun and when you are in your highest happy mood you will definitely get benefits out of it. So, get into the escape rooms with your team to create memories that will last forever.


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