Material Handling Equipment Brisbane

When it comes to industrial equipment there are so many types of equipment. Of course, to a large extent, it will depend on the type of work being done or the segment of the industry it belongs to.

When it comes to working even within the same segment of industry the type of work done such as the types of material and the weight handling capacity or the product and output factors may differ. This is why industries always like to have customized equipment for work.

So here we will find out about some of the industrial equipment that you can use for customized work.


Ladders are one of the most essential material handling equipment for good loading and offloading. Using this equipment can come in handy to store and retrieve materials and items that are beyond your reach.

Ladders are used almost in each industry but the shape, dimension, and other safety features will vary widely. You have the order picking ladders that are used in the warehouses. Then you have the platform ladders that can help you with industrial work. There are step ladders that can be used almost for any type of work.

Then there are extension portions of ladders that are known as extension ladders. And then there are work platforms that can be attached as sections on top of the ladders.

Ladders have so many customizations such as foldability, extendability, work platforms that can be attached on top of the ladder itself.


Trolleys are yet another piece of equipment that comes under the material handling category and is often used widely. Trolleys are used for transporting material and goods that are bulky and hard to carry manually.

Trolleys are one of the highly customized equipments that are used in the industry. They come in a low bed stature as in the platform trolleys. Or else you also have the office trolleys that are made of engineered plastic for delicate use for transporting lightweight materials only on the front offices. There is order picking trolleys that you can use at shopping malls. And then you have a completely different version of hand trucks but these are also coming under the section of material handling equipment.

Drum handling equipment

There are many industries in which handling drums is a large part of the work to be done. Within these industries, you have various types of equipment for handling the large bulky drums and vessels which are almost impossible to be moved or lifted by hand.

It is with the help of drum handling equipmentsuch as forklift attachments that you can make your task easier. There are also various other types of Material Handling Equipment Brisbane specializing only on drums such as areas for drum storage, drum trolleys, drum trucks, etc.

If you are to buy a drum handling trolley then find out which ones are the best for use. we ask you to form a parameter or a priority list for achieving operational goals and desired efficiency.

Plastic materials for storage

When it comes to plastic materials and storage the variety is immense. There are so many different types of containers, jars, vessels, crates, rectangular tanks, and round tanks that are used solely to store.

Now based on the type of industry you are in you may be desirous of choosing a particular compound of plastic. Take for example the food processing industries where each such plastic material for storage has to be made of food-grade material.

Another thing to choose is of course the standard size, dimension, or volume of such storage devices under the material handling equipment category.


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