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It might be surprising for you but more than 90% of the products in America are delivered or transported by using cardboard boxes. According to the opinion of experts and industry analyzers, the demand for paper packaging across the industrial supply chain is expected to increase by 4% annually in the upcoming years. Such a growing demand has the giving rise to various new ways to use cardboard packaging. Whether it is a small-scale business or a large enterprise, the majority of the entrepreneurs prefer to use some form of corrugated packaging to deliver their items safely. This has given rise to several new aspects of exploring the material more. Let us have a look at some of the facts related to corrugated boxes. They will help you to penetrate the market more effectively.


Most businesses fail to realize the environmental benefits of using cardboard packaging. It makes them switch to other options sometimes. cardboard boxes Wholesale prove very advantageous for our environment. They contain as much as 46%recycled material, generating low impact on greenhouse gases, acidification, and other non-renewable energy sources. Using green packaging material puts a positive impression on the customers. This creates a win-win situation for consumers as well as businesses.

Wide Available of Sizes and Style:

Packing a variety of products of different sizes is one of the major concerns for businesses. cardboard boxes have stood the test of time. You can use them to package hundreds of products of everyday use. Working on the shape, size, and style of these boxes can make you achieve the best results. A custom-sized corrugated packaging will prove more efficient concerning cost and protection. It makes your product perfectly fit in with minimal movement providing more safety. When a business will design a right-sized box it also saves the amount of raw material required. Similarly, working on different box styles can also give a competitive advantage to your products over others. All these are the wonders of corrugated packaging!

Growth of Online Shopping:

Internet shopping continues to grow explosively as customers can get their products delivered in a highly protective package. Nothing is more satisfying than receiving the products in perfect condition. It creates a positive impact on the customers’ minds that the company has worked on the safety of their products.  Secondly, the distribution of an item is not a problem now due to the availability of cardboard packaging. They can carry your products anywhere with the desired level of safety. The retailers can modify the design for online sales so that the purchase decision for customers is no longer a problem. Most of the subscription businesses have also started using custom corrugated boxes to ensure safe delivery.

Advances in Printing:

It would be interesting to know that cardboard packaging has excelled in printing services over the past few years. Advances in digital printing have improved the quality of packaging. It is now available in the short run being more economically feasible. The businesses might also create limited edition corrugated packaging designs to engage the consumers to build more sales. Brand owners are also utilizing technologies like scannable QR codes and NFC, to meet the new demands of interactive marketing.

Lightweight Package Demand:

Brand owners have been continuing to strive to reduce the overall packaging weight and other transportation costs for years. The use of lightweight corrugated boxes has made it possible. Nowadays it is used to handle surprising capabilities and weight that was not possible once. The material is known for its durability and lightweight all across the industry. It can bring a significant reduction in your shipping cost that may help you to penetrate the market well.

Other benefits of using cardboard packaging include improved cushioning and an enhanced level of protection. cardboard boxes are a good alternative to wooden carriers. They also help in avoiding the damage caused due to pests and insects inside a wooden pack.

Highlight Branding Specifications:

A packaging that is easy to customize can bring hundreds of new opportunities for businesses. It can highlight your branding specifications for the target audience. You can design the packaging according to your branding requirements to give good exposure to your products. boxes Printing with your business logo, tagline, and other important details. You may also use a particular color scheme or a signature printing pattern to create a distinct identity. Designing your corrugated packaging in this way will start making your products more recognizable for the customers.


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