How to create successful mobile apps?
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How do you create successful mobile apps? This is the biggest question that you need to answer. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can make a quality mobile app that will not only help you gain more users but will also reap huge profits for your business.

Tips for Creating Successful Mobile Apps

Here is a list of successful mobile app development tips that you should follow to make your app a success. 

  1. Find a Niche

First thing first. You need to create a niche or at least find one where your audience lies. If you are developing a utility app, make sure that the idea is not already implemented. By chance, it is already implemented, are you providing any more features or value to the users? If you are not providing more value, ask yourself: Why would people download my app?

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  1. Create Great UI

You need to provide a great user interface to the users. It is the user interface that will help you retain the number of visitors that you get on the app. If your app is not having a creating user interface, users will have a bad experience and therefore they won’t convert.

Make sure to check the other apps available in the same niche and copy their design with some alterations. The better your UI is, the more successful your mobile apps will become.

  1. Follow a Proper User Journey

Think about how your users will use the app? What will be their journey after they download and install it on their mobile phones? Will they open the app and get a popup screen? Will your first screen interrupt their experience? These are just some questions that you need to ponder over when creating a proper user experience.

So, decide how the user journey will be of the mobile apps that you are trying to develop. Let’s take the example of a mobile app that deletes background apps.
If the app has an intro screen, and then a menu available that you have to click to choose an option, this would be irritating for the users.

The best way to go about it is to have a simple ‘Kill Background Apps’ button on the intro page. After that button, you should have the Menu button that will take them to other options that you offer to them. 

This will not only help the users to easily clear background apps, they are more likely to keep this app for cleaning the mobile phone off unnecessary apps. And, you can earn either through ads or through a $1 monthly subscription.

  1. Offer Value to the Users

Another thing you need to know about is that your users want value from your app. Why would they download and install your app if it doesn’t offer any value to your users? That’s why it is important to have a value proposition. 

For example, a utility app will offer a functionality that you should have in your app. This can be any type of utility. If it is a social media app, the users should be able to entertain themselves through your social media app. So, make sure that the value is clearly available in the app from the start.

  1. Define a Business Model

Does your mobile apps have a business model? How will you earn from your app? 

When you create a mobile app, you should have a business model from the very start. For example, most utility apps earn through ads. Some have a subscription available that people can buy for a few dollars. Similarly, most gaming apps have in-app purchases that allow the users to get new weapons/skins/anything else.

So, it is important that you decide from the start about what type of business model your app will have. 

  1. Add Relevant Features

Similarly, as we discussed the value proposition earlier, it is also important that you have some new features available within the app that can be unlocked for regular users. Consider these as the bonus features. You should tell the users from the start that these features will only be opened if they use the app for X number of days. This way, people will have a craving to see what the new feature does. 

PS: Make sure that the new feature you have added has some necessary value for your users. Otherwise they will get disheartened.

  1. Choose Relevant Technology

Make sure you know what type of technology/framework will work best for your app. If you are making an application for Android and iOS, you should create native apps for both. Native apps have a lot more features than PWAs and hybrid apps. And, if it is a utility app, it will only be able to communicate with the OS if it is a native app.

So, decide that from the start and then design the app around it.

Choosing the right type of technology for creating an app is the first thing you should do.


That is how you can create successful mobile apps that will not only get more downloads but will also work best for your business.

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With that said, follow the above tips for creating successful mobile apps from the start. If you have any questions regarding this article, let us know in the comments below.


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