Forest Clothing

The Forest Clothing is an Amsterdam clothing brand ( Instagram : @tfforestclothing ), created in March 2018. The brand is inspired by everything that has to do with nature. Everyone has something to do with nature, it is all around you. This is seen as the basis for The Forest. And because nature is the basis, it makes it accessible to everyone. It’s about going back to where we come from.

Nature is a source of inspiration, but The Forest Clothing also strives for a luxurious appearance, which is offered to young people at an affordable price.

The founder of The Forest Clothing is Nydel Forgweh (20) from Amsterdam (His Instagram: @nydelforgweh ). Behind any company, it is important to know who is behind it.

Nydel has been involved with fashion from an early age. He liked to buy clothes from different brands, which got him thinking about how people might one day wear his brand. This inspired zoom.

Nydel is a passionate person who sees The Forest Clothing as a priority and wants to make the most of it.

Nydel came to the Netherlands from Cameroon (West Africa) when he was nine. What he will never forget about Cameroon is the country’s rich nature. The jungle, the trees, and the mountains. His homeland is something that Nydel often thinks back to.

What is important to Nydel, and something he has received from Cameroon is that we must keep the earth and nature as pure as possible for the next generation.

The name “The Forest Clothing” is therefore inspired by the jungle. And on the logo, which can be found on every garment, you see a jungle.

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Nydel started The Forest Clothing because he was looking for a challenge. He is someone who loves who and does not like to sit still. Starting a clothing line is something he has always thought about. His passion for clothing and fashion, and his fanatic personality ensured that The Forest Clothing was founded in 2018.

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