The copiers do an excellent job of lettering, especially if they have a PostScript capability inkjet copier. Juggling can fail outline of a copier of text or line art. It is necessary to use Adobe PostScript Interpreter to get inkjet for creating characters without jugs. Adobe or emulator included. An inkjet copier costs about $ 2,500 for a single RIP wide format. Software often costs more than a copier!

Most good laser copiers have Adobe PostScript built-in (which is why laser copiers cost more than cheap inkjets, because inkjet has insufficient software). Now some copiers are also adding raster image processor software.

Top models from QMS and Tektronix work great for reproducing photos. Office laser copiers like Lexmark and HP are great with photos in desktop inkjet copiers if your original photo is of professional quality (HP is better nowadays). Epson and Canon produce excellent quality but most images quickly fade. Lexmark and HP are more for business printing on average paper like pie charts and bar charts. The drawbacks of photocopier on rent are the lack of longevity. In that sense laser is even better.

Ink Price: Inkjet Vs. Laser.

The laser copier will cost more to buy the machine, but the cost of paper and toner for the inkjet is reasonable. The photocopier hire is very cheap so you will get stuck in buying their expensive ink. With an inkjet copier ink and media costs can skyrocket. The cost of toner for a laser copier is much lower than the cost of ink for an inkjet.

Making lots of copies: Inkjet Vs. Laser.

If you have tried to print 100 copies of anything on an inkjet copier, you will quickly understand why inkjet is completely inappropriate. They are slow to print multiple copies.

Inkjet copiers are deliberately cheaper, inkjet companies want to give you as many copiers as possible so they can sell you more ink and paper. The cost of a sheet of paper and ink is about $ 1 per sheet. Your printing costs may exceed your rent or your car (and then the prints fade). Some Epson inkjets cannot be black and white (they appear green).

Variety between prints: Inkjet vs. Laser

It is a well-known fact that laser copiers will cost you many dollars for ink cartridges, coloured cartridges and other copier accessories. However, if you search the internet, you will find many sites that offer copier colour cartridges at a discount!

Discount copier colour cartridge

Sites like Combo Inc. and others offer attractive discounts on copier cartridges. The fact that they are affordable does not mean that they are mediocre in quality. These copier accessories are at the top in terms of performance and quality standards. Whether you have a copier from Samsung, Dell, HP, Epson or any other reputable company, cartridges from these sites offer the best replacement when your copier’s ink runs out.

If you are in doubt about the quality of the copier accessories available at a discount on the Internet, give it a try. You will also stop buying it from regular stores!

The secret behind the discount

Have you ever wondered how these websites offer attractive discounts on copier colour cartridges and other copier accessories? These online dealers buy bulk cartridges directly from the manufacturers.

The purchase does not involve any third parties and the quantity purchased is large, which enables them to get the item at a surprisingly low price. Also, they only sell items on their online store. This means that their overhead is also low. Such direct purchases and online sales eliminate the need for store space, which in turn eliminates the cost of renting and maintaining space, recruiting staff and managing inventory. This is the reason why they can easily provide you copier colour cartridges at an incredible price.


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