All You Need to Know About Envelope Printing

The envelope helps you make an impression on your brand. Printing names and addresses directly onto envelopes without applying any label is an easy way to personalize your mail. For impactful mail, you can place an address and print marketing pictures on an envelope. You can print onto an envelope with the help of MS word tools, as the most basic functions in Microsoft Word are printing labels and envelopes and adjusting the default settings of envelope printing like fonts and margins to fit your needs best.

Here are some types of envelopes you can use in printing envelopes.

Announcement envelope: It is a small envelope used in mailing greetings or announcement cards. It comes in standard sizes for this category.

Catalogue and booklet envelope: It is larger in size, accommodating sales literature, brochures, and printed materials that don’t fit in the smaller size of a business envelope.

Church offering envelope: This Envelope is dollar bill-sized and has an easy-open flap. Churches and other religious places use it.

Astrobright envelope: Like colored envelopes, using astrobright paper will take all the colors to the next level.

Colored envelope: Instead of white, colored paper is used and is accessible with or without windows in three business sizes.

Security tint: It has a printed pattern inside the envelope and prevents the contents from being seen through the envelopes.

Window envelope: This envelope has a window through which we can see the paper’s address inserted inside it.

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5 great benefits of printing envelope

Many businesses can enjoy the positive benefit of using customized envelope printing. Envelope printing helps build the business’s brand identity and enhance your professional image and target offline customers in your local community.

Following are the five amazing benefits of printing envelopes to make your business successful in today’s marketplace.

1.         A promotional tool

Business envelopes are the mode of marketing the company. Through this promotional activity, you can increase the company’s image or branding. It acts as an ambassador to your brand that spreads the word around.

2.         Greatly cost-effective

To get a positive response from your target market, envelope printing is the best and cost-effective marketing tool. Through this method, you can accomplish a high recall rate printed envelopes professionally in many colors and printing options.

3.         Gives a professional look

These days, people turn to e-documents or professional-looking customized envelopes. With clean, unique, and eye-catching logos printed on envelopes, your business will not only look professional but, in turn, add value to your brand and leave a good impression. This deep impression will surely foster trust from your clients.

4.         Provides information

Envelopes with logos also give information to letter readers. There is a telephone number, company address, fax, website, and others. With this information, your clients can easily contact your company.

5.         Credibility

A document in an organized and systematic manner, placed inside a quality envelope, widely demonstrates that your company stands for excellence and pays heed to details. The above features play a huge role in silently speaking plenty for your company. So, be attentive to this and continue to make a fine impression.

5 essential steps for designing envelopes

In branding, it’s all about crafting a positive and consistent image. Branding starts the moment when a piece of marketing hits a customer’s mailbox. You can make a great impression with custom envelope printing. If you don’t know where to begin, here are the essential steps to design an envelope.

  • Illustrate the unusable areas

You will not want the postal service to reject to convey mail in your envelope because of design problems. The first thing in the design file you need to do is illustrate your unusable envelope areas. From US Postal Service, there are particular standards for what areas can’t be printed. Block those areas so you will be able to save design time in future envelope designing.

  • Find out your bleed

The type of bleed depends on the printer’s cutting and printing of the envelope. You don’t want to invest hours in work and wind up with a weird border. Find out through communicating with the print shop what they need from you.

  • Think about your addressing method

Your envelope design depends on how the client adds the addresses to their envelopes. Get those details and ensure to feature that in your design. You will not want a label to cover part of your hard work.

  • Find out the budget impact of two sided-designs

Find out your client’s printing budget and think whether it will allow you to design on one or both sides of the envelope. The price depends on envelope construction by the print shop. Printing on pre-made envelopes, a two design costs double because it goes through the printer twice. If the envelope printing is on flat paper before folding and cutting them, then the cost of a two-sided design will not be affected.

  • Correlate with the contents

To make a great first impression, correlate the designs of an envelope for its content.  For example, you need to embrace related design elements into your envelope design if the client is sending a designed invitation.


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