If you want to spend your summer holidays in some cheap exotic place, then do visit Chicago. This place houses many beautiful tourist destinations, so book Cheap flights to Chicago and get your luggage done and fly to this city. 

Millennium Park

This is the best place to visit during the weekend for hosting concerts and festivals. This place attracts the most of the population in Chicago. Here You’ll find all the beautiful and interesting sculptures over this place. This palace also offers some latest installations all over this area, spread in the area of 25-acre. Have small strolls here in the evening stroll that will make you visit again and again.

Art Institute of Chicago

This spectacular place is the most happening place in the city that houses a collection of more than 300,000 pieces of artwork. This art institute is an exquisite place to see in Chicago that displays gorgeous Greek sculptures, very famous artworks from Japanese prints, and stained-glass installations. All these things will make you an admirer and at the same time have the best cuisine in the city at this huge place like Terzo Piano, which is famous for its hospitality.


This is an ideal place to have a stroll along the Riverwalk, which is located close to the banks of the Chicago River. One can admire the city lights and enjoy the meal from the various top-rated restaurants, bars, pubs. This place is famous for its stunning charming beauty. So have a tour of this amazing place while exploring this place through a water taxi too.

Navy Pier

Get yourself stuck in the beauty of this place and for a relaxed evening. Here you will find a Giant Ferris Wheel, a beer garden, and live entertainment. Have a pleasant atmosphere while listening to live concerts and music by the artists. Here you can captivate some classic plays at the very famous Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. There are tons of restaurants, and it sets a major goal to visit one of the best places in Chicago.

John Hancock Observatory

This iconic and beautiful structure was built in the late 19 century and is 1000 ft. tall. This place is also known as 360 Chicago that gives an overview of the city from the top. Rush to this place to have a view from the 94th floor and have a panoramic view that you will not forget ever. This is the only place that covers an overview of five states and has the infamous Lake Michigan. Attracting several tourists every year, this is a favourite site for every visitor.

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Cloud Gate 

This famous site is a spectacular piece of art and serves as the best places to visit in Chicago. This is an ideal spot for a selfie and capturing lots of beautiful serenes views from here. This site is famous on social media platforms like Instagram users; this place is a favourite for all tourists worldwide. Also known as the beanbag, this wonderful installation works has a lot of mirrors. So, visit this stunning place to witness the beauty of this. 

The Magnificent Mile 

If you have enough time left with you during your visit to this city, you must have a tour of this place, a commercial district known as the Magnificent Mile. This is a famous shopping hub with the best selection of fashion outlets. You can find many top-notch stores at this lively location. This area also serves a Shopping festival held every summer. These fests are a must-attend event and is indulge an entire day and experiencing the best at this mile. 

Lincoln Park Zoo 

This place will not disappoint you and tick this tourist spot in your to-do buck list. This famous park zoo habitats a variety of exotic animals and vibrant birds. This zoo serves nature and an animal lover, an ideal place to visit. This famous zoo is located in the middle of the city, and skyscrapers and buildings surround and add to their beauty. 

So, explore all these popular sightseeing in this city. Get your flight booking to Chicago and have the best holiday ever!


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