Best Hair Care & Styling Hints for Every Hair Type

Whether you have curly, normal, thin, oily, or dry hair, some definite hair care tips are universal. Irrespective of hair type, you all need to take special care of it. Whether you may want to customize your routine to your hair type, the basics of hair care are essential to know, if nothing more to do. 

Here are some of the best hair care and styling tips to follow, regardless of the hair type. Check out great hair tips that guide you to start taking care of your hair.

Tip 1 Washing Hair with Lukewarm Water 

The searing showers may feel tempting and promote good sleep too, but the reality is that it is not worth the value. The hot water can actually shred your hair of the essential oils, which make the hair dry and give a dull look. The tip that needs to follow is to adjust the temperature the next time you step into the shower. Not only the hot water, but lukewarm water is a better option to make yourself clean without being harsh on your hair. 

Tip 2 Conditioning of Hairs

You will be aware of how conditioners are good for your hair. But do you know that not following the right procedure can prove this process worthless? You need to take care that the conditioner only needs to place on specific sections of hair after greasing your hair, typically the roots. Conditioner need not be applied near your roots, but to be from mid-length to end hairs. Conditioning the roots can end up pulling down your hair and is a common mistake to avoid! Take it as a tip and try to disperse the conditioner through the hair by using a wide-tooth comb. This will also help in detangling of hairs. Use a hair scalp massager shampoo brush for shampoo and conditioner for nourishment.

Tip 3 Don’t Dry Off Using Towel

Hair experts advise not to use dry off the hairs using a towel and let them dry on their own. People think of it as an obvious way to remove the excess water and start drying their hair post-shower.  But this is not the best way to treat your hair! The key tip to be followed here is squeezing the excess water and then drying it off by using an old cotton t-shirt. The point here is to be gentle on your hair.

Tip 4 Protecting Hair before Getting Heat Style

Hairs look great after a blowout or heat styling session, but always remember that excessive heat can damage your hair. Heat styling can be done but you need to make a small adjustment when you are using heat tools to style your hair. Whenever you plan to go for heat styling, prefer to apply a shielding product first. Using a heat protectant before straightening, blow-drying, or curling your hair will somehow protect your hair. An important tip to consider!

Tip 5 – Giving Hairs a Break from Ponytails 

Ponytails are a cool hairstyle! What can be more convenient than keeping all of your hair off your face back and tied with a knot? But this doesn’t mean that they are always right for your hair. Pulling your hair up every day and tying it as a ponytail can put a strain on your locks. Ponytails are comfy, but you can also try wearing your hair down or making loose ponytails. You can also use a hair claw for thick hair to keep the hair assembled for a hectic day.

Tip 6 – Sleeping on Silk Pillow

Whether you are aware or not, the cotton pillowcases can assimilate your hair care product and can be needlessly harsh on your strands. Instead of cotton, turnabout to a silk or satin pillowcase to get a night of beauty sleep. It is one of the easiest hair tips to follow!

Tip 7 Protecting Your Hairs from Harmful Rays 

How your hair gets damaged is due to the harmful UV rays that you might be now aware of! That is why it is advised to protect your hair from direct exposure to the sun. Try wearing a hat or scarf when you are out for longer durations. Hats serve as the perfect hair accessories to keep your hair preserved, specifically on lazy hair days.

Tip 8 Trimming Your Split Ends 

To keep your hair healthy and growing, one of the common hair tips is to go for regular trimming. The slip ends cause hair damage and prevents its growth. Rather than keeping it done by you, get it done by a hairdresser or an expert stylist. Trimming out split ends work magic to your hair! Moreover, you should keep it done routinely.

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Tip 9 Keeping the Hairs Hydrated 

You feel full when your body is fully hydrated; the same applies to your hair too! Keep your strands healthy and hydrated, irrespective of any hair type. This rule applies to every person, hydration is for everyone after all. What products you can use to achieve so is a leave-in hair cream that works to nourish the tresses throughout the day. Use the cream on wet hair and work it throughout the length and hair ends. 


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