Video conference calls are a good way to interact with your students, employees and stakeholders so that you can add a more personal touch no matter where you are. It provides more opportunities for businesses and becomes an engaging way for people to connect if you have people who work for you from a remote location. Also, video conferencing can make collaboration on projects and across departments very easy. Many organizations prefer interviewing their candidates located overseas and stay in touch with many stakeholders and others elements who are part of your business. 

Video conferencing is not only an efficient way of using technology in business, it becomes a very cost-effective way to conduct meetings online. All you need to do is to connect yourself to a reliable internet connection that does not create interruptions during your session. One of the best ways to do so is to connect to Spectrum’s high-speed internet. You can get Spectrum’s internet services just by dialing Spectrum telefono and placing your order. Also, you can ask about the services and rates as well. Let’s have a look at the different apps that small businesses can use to make video conferencing possible: 


Zoom can offer small businesses to connect no matter where you are. You can start off by joining a secure meeting that includes using a flawless audio and video call experience, screen sharing and cross-platform instant messaging all for free. Zoom is very easy to use and can provide a meeting space for around 100 people. Zoom gets you connected regardless of which device you are using. You can use Zoom on your iPad, iPhones, Android devices, Mac and Windows. Zoom also lets you share files, links, gifs and images. You can send off quick responses and reactions to threaded conversations with emojis and do a lot more. 


This is one of the most widely used video conferencing and chatting software that is used almost everywhere in the world. This tool by Microsoft offers excellent video quality and video conferencing features for free. You can call up to 50 people and perform operations like screen sharing, call recording, blur the background if you don’t want the other participants to divert their attention because of your background. 

You can even add live subtitles to your conversations, and attendees can use Skype using their browser or a dedicated desktop application and apps on mobile phones. For business users, Skype for Business allows invites of up to 250 people and a 24/7 phone support and many other features as well

Google Meet

If you are looking for a video conferencing application with some advanced options and features. Some prominent features include meeting invites to around 100 people, meeting recordings, screen sharing, and HD video streaming. 

If you are using the Enterprise version of Google Meet, you can record your meetings and get them saved to Google Drive and even enable viewing live-stream to up to 100,000 viewers. Attendees can get access your meetings using the web application, a phone number. You can the free version of the app but if you want to use more advanced features, then you might have to pay for them.

Cisco Webex Meetings

One of the major names in the communication industry and many of its tools are usually quite expensive. There are meant to provide communication systems and support to businesses. The Cisco Webex Meetings is one of the premium quality video conferencing tools that are almost free that might suit your needs. This software or app can be the perfect answer for all your communication needs. You can use Cisco Webex Meetings to hold meetings in HD with around 100 participants with whom you can share your screen and even set different private chat rooms as per your need. Also, users can access using the desktop and the iOS and the Android platforms depending on the device you have. 

Blue Jeans

This is one of the high-end video conferencing tools that are designed for business users. You can easily set up your meeting and even record meetings as well. You can share your screens with other users. The service also supports a directional audio mechanism that supports audio for Dolby Sound-enabled rooms. Apart from that, you can host a meeting that has around 50 to 100 participants. This depends on the amount of money you want to use. You might not be able to find the free versions of the app. 

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Final Words

In the end, one can say that communication for businesses and among businesses is now an easy task to do. For people who cannot be up for a meeting at work because of living in a remote location or because of any other reason, the above-mentioned tools can prove to be quite convenient and so much.  

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