Blooming beauties for monsoon garden

The arrival of the monsoon is all set to please our hearts with its charm! You can enjoy the cool weather of monsoon showers along with some greenery around you by maintaining an exclusive monsoon garden. 

Although an online flower delivery in Bangalore can always work wonders and bring happiness to our lives. Yet, the charm of the flowers of our own garden is unmatched. The joy of witnessing beautiful blooms in our garden can never be compared to anything. So if you would like to gift yourself a Garden blooming with beauties. You must have a look at the list below which mention some of the essential flowers for maintaining a lovely monsoon garden. 


Whether you are a plant lover or not whether you have a green thumb or not; you would definitely be aware of the Mogra or the Jasmine. You would have seen them in hair accessories and garlands. The fragrance of Jasmine is soothing and provides relief to people. These ornamental blooms continue to flourish throughout the year and look even more stunning with the drops of rain being settled on the lovely white blooms of the flower. You shall definitely add them to your monsoon Garden and receive flowers throughout the year. 


Popular as the rose mallow of the Swamp rose. The Hibiscus continuous to Bloom in almost all season; if you have planted a Hibiscus in your garden then you are assured of receiving beautiful blessings throughout the year. The vibrant shades of the flower make them look beautiful and they become extra stunning and ravishing during the monsoon due to the charm of rainwater falling on them. Thus, making them extraordinarily alluring. 


Needless to say, you can always spot a Marigold plant in an Indian household; this is because of the use of the flower in worshipping and traditional ceremonies. You can display a multitude of colours ranging from yellow, red to orange in the lovely balloons of marigold. These bright coloured blooms would add an array of beauty to your garden. Thus, making it more vibrant to the onlookers. 


You can buy flowers online and bring a wave of happiness to your garden by bringing a bunch of sunflowers in your garden. The sunflowers have a long-known association with happiness; you can add the beauty of these large flower heads in bright yellow colour and attract lots of butterflies into your monsoon Garden. Thus, making it look extra beautiful to your eyes and soothing to your soul. 


Although roses, lilies and orchids tend to be people’s favourite flower; yet there’s another flower that beats the beauty of these ravishing blooms through its simplicity is the combination of cream and yellow colour flower with a tinge of yellow in its centre. The plumeria will add fascination to your garden; you can bring in the five Petalled plumeria to have a stunning monsoon garden. 

Monsoon casia

Your monsoon garden would be incomplete without the monsoon casia. After all, it is the charm of the rainy seasons. The yellow petalled flowers arranged in a manner resembling pinwheel grows in abundant clusters and add more beauty to their surroundings; they continue to Bloom till the month of July. Thus, ensuring an abundance of beauty to your monsoon garden. 


The Flame Tree is remarkable for the beautification of your house! You can plant it near your house or in your garden in order to attract the attention of people from a distance as well. Once you plant the Gulmohar in your house it will soon flourish into a beautiful tree that can also be used as a Landmark for your house. People would be attracted to the beauty of this flower loaded with an orange and red shade of blooms that look even more beautiful during the rains. 


Gardenia or the GandhRaj has been regarded as the king of the fragrances. Out of all the fragrant blooms in your garden, the gardenia would stand out because of its enticing fragrance. They start blooming in Spring and continue to flourish till the summer; the white blooms look spectacular during the monsoon. Thus, giving a stunning look to your monsoon garden and making your neighbours grow envious of the beauty of your garden. 
You can also spread the beauty of monsoon to your dear ones and send them a bunch of hope, love and beauty through online flower delivery in gurgaon at their place.


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