Let’s begin this book review by plainly affirming that Ella Maise remains a concealed gem in the literary circle that demands more and more exploration.

As an author, Ella Maise can captivate readers with unique expressions that forever remain imprinted in their hearts. Every character that Ella has fabricated so far arouses a string of strong emotions in the readers’ hearts, through every aspect of life that it passes through.

Maise, as an author, is worthy of more attention and appreciation in the romantic world. And there is indeed no denying that Ella Maise’s ‘Marriage for one’ will leave your hair-raising with the unexpected.

Before diving deep into the novel, let me warn you that this is not everyone’s cup of tea because the unexpected can have the power to unsettle you.

A slow-burn romance, ‘Marriage for one will have in store for you some shocking revelations about love, passion, and marriage that you will unfold gradually as you read on. In short, this book has some real surprises for the readers that we surely want to get out hands-on.

‘Marriage for one’ is a full-length romance that will grab the readers’ attention with its scorching emotions and great humor. This book will take you on a roller-coaster ride, making you feel dysphoric at points, while at some points, the book will make you remain hooked to it with its high-pitched romance.

A full-scale romance with a whole lot of twists and turns, ‘Marriage for one’ is here to rule over our hearts for quite some time now. At every step, you will find yourself with Rose, laughing, shedding tears, and sympathizing with her throughout the book. 

Rose has been a simply delightful character, a breath of fresh air. Sweet, bubbly, and cheerful Rose will make you realize and recognize love with her enduring passions and sacrifices that she makes all along. Rose has to sacrifice to fulfill her dream. A sacrifice that turns out to be completely unanticipated. She is ready to undergo anything to achieve her dream. The tale keeps us intertwined as we walk along with the characters through every up and down of their lives, and we cannot put the book down.

Admit it or not, Jack has all our hearts! This rough and unpassionate character keeps us more enamored with the book until Rose finally succeeds in captivating him in her love. Jack Hawthorne’s confidence and determination triumph in making him the readers’ beloved. This confidence is also reflected in Rose’s character, who is willing to take any risk to meet her desires. She wants to open her coffee shop.

With the support of Jack and the fake marriage that they both are into, she gradually realizes that everything can be consummated if one continues to be confident and keeps their head held high. This is what will make you fall in love with her- strong will and determination. She will find herself in a situation where she does not want to be, but eventually, she will emerge as a stronger woman without losing her true self. In the process, she is well aware that she should not get much intimate with Jack because that will take her to the point of no return.

But for how long could she refuse her love for Jack? And for how long the cold and silent Jack will resist himself from not falling in love with the vibrant Rose? Jack and Rose are poles apart, yet they complete each other so beautifully. 

Overall, ‘Marriage for One’ left me a little dumbfounded. Or maybe, I was completely engulfed by this slow-burn romance that navigated me through a bumpy road. The journey of Jack and Rose was potholed and uneven, and so was mine as a reader. The book gave me some laughter-filled moments and, at the same time, some natural somber mood. The complicating relationship between Jack and Rose to mend the marriage will consume the readers with charged emotions. It felt as if I was also a part of the mend the marriage program and Jack and Rose. The book was more of mend the marriage reviews than the journey of Jack and Rose.

‘Marriage for one’ overall has been a good read, although I had a tough time articulating my thoughts and feelings. 


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