Bosch Washing Machines | Special Features | Maintenance | Warranty options

Bosch’s line of washing machines is all front-loading models of which three are compact and seven are full-size machines. Also, the compact machines (the AXXIS line) come in either 2.1 or 3.4 cubic feet capacity and are design to be stack if desire. It is important for you to know and pick the right product from the best washing machine brands to enjoy for a long time.

The NEXXT line of full-size machines is either 4.0 or 4.2 cubic feet capacity and is offer in a range of colors. In addition, all Bosch washers are ENERGY STAR certified best top-loading washing machines. Various models include features to regulate water temperature, multiple special cycles, and a leak protection system.


German engineer Robert Bosch opened his “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Engineering,” which would become Bosch in 1886. Twenty years later, the company expanded to the United States and by the 1990s, Bosch Appliances had 41 subsidiaries worldwide. In 1997, the company constructed a manufacturing facility in the United States to make dishwashers. Bosch appliances are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Special Features

Some of the special features included on Bosch washing machines are an AquaGuard Cycle, EcoAction, Sensotronic Plus, and Sensotronic II Plus, Quick Wash, AquaStop, and XXtraSanitary Cycle. Further, the Bosch AquaGuard cycle is design for waterproof ski apparel, rain gear, and other breathable outerwear. 

After adding the waterproofing product into the dispenser chamber, the AquaGuard program automatically dispenses it at the right time to renew the waterproof layer of the garment. The EcoAction feature adjusts water temperature and cycles length to reduce energy consumption up to 20 percent per cycle. Sensotronic Plus and Sensotronic II Plus analyze the wash to determine load size, temperature, etc., and then adjust levels automatically for a range of fabrics and load sizes. 

Bosch’s Quick Wash is a fast, 20- or 25-minute cycle to wash lightly soiled clothing quickly if you’re in a hurry. The AquaStop Leak Protection is design to detect a washer leak. And shut down the water flow and pump out water in the machine to prevent damage to your home. The XXtraSanitary Cycle heats the water to 170 degrees to kill 99.9 percent of the most common household bacteria. It then reduces water temperature to 150 degrees for the remainder of the cycle.


In addition to regularly checking all hoses for bulges and bare spots. And replacing them as necessary (to prevent problems with leaks or flooding). Bosch recommends cleaning the exterior surfaces of the machine with hot soapy water. The washing drum with a chlorine-free detergent. 

The detergent dispenser can be remove and clean off the detergent residue by washing it under running water. Additionally, the water-inlet strainers are removable and can be cleaned. If they become clog and water flow to the washer is restrict.

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Bosch clothes washers have been recognized for their quality manufacturing and have been given The Good Housekeeping Seal of approval. The company warrants its products for two years (with some exceptions) for the original purchaser. In the second year, the owner must pay for any labor costs associated with replacing defective parts.


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