BYJU’S Recent Acquisitions

The process of one company purchasing another company’s share to gain control of that company is termed as acquisition. Companies acquire other companies due to various reasons such as diversification, more significant market share and new niche offerings. Mergers and acquisitions occur regularly in the business world. Still, we mostly hear about acquisitions of large and well-known companies because these huge and significant deals tend to dominate the news. One such news breaking acquisition was that of Aakash Educational Services Ltd by the Bengaluru-based ed-tech giant BYJU’S. In this article, we will be reading about BYJU’S recent acquisitions and the intentions behind them.

Recent Acquisitions by BYJU’S

Aakash Educational Services

With over 215 centres, Aakash Educational Services Ltd (AESL) is a 33-year-old renowned brick-and-mortar coaching centre. It provides preparatory services to candidates appearing for engineering and medical entrance exams and other foundational level exams. BYJU’S acquired Aakash Educational Services Ltd (AESL) for a staggering $940 million deal. Aakash institution centres will subsequently act as BYJU’S entrance test preparation arm with a brick-and-mortar focus. Furthermore, the future of education is hybrid, and this union will bring together the best of online and offline. This partnership would combine Aakash’s expertise in the test-prep segment with BYJU’S content and tech capabilities.

White Hat Jr

White Hat Jr is a coding platform founded by Karan Bajaj, the former CEO of Discovery Networks India. Students learn the fundamentals of coding in the platform, and it helps kids build games and apps. The merger with White Hat Jr will enable BYJU’S  to launch coding to students, which is a fast-emerging essential skill of the future. It will also accelerate BYJU’S international expansion as White Hat Jr has a large number of students in the US and other English-speaking markets.


Osmo is a hands-on educational digital game produced by the company Tangible Play. The speciality of Osmo’s products is that it is built around Reflective Artificial Intelligence.  The system uses a stand and a clip-on mirror to allow the device’s front-facing camera to recognise and track objects in the physical play space in front of the device.

Acquisition of Osmo will help BYJU’S provide superior learning solutions to children by tapping into Osmo’s physical-to-digital technology and content. The focus at BYJU’s has always been on creating engaging and immersive content offered through personalised learning experiences. Osmo’s use of mixed reality interactions will definitely help BYJU’S expand its platform to new audiences and applications.

TutorVista & Edurite

TutorVista is an ed-tech pioneer that provides online tutoring services to students across the world. It also offers test preparation services, supplemental tutoring, help with homework and expert assistance before tests and exams.

BYJU’S acquired Edurite and TutorVista from Pearson. This acquisition is focused on expanding the international reach and creating a diverse product portfolio for BYJU’S.

About BYJU’S

BYJU’S – The Learning App is India’s largest ed-tech company and the most beloved K12 learning application maker. BYJU’S is motivated by the vision of creating an engaging learning experience for students that are uniquely tailored for every student. There is no other product like BYJU’S – The Learning App in the market that can create great engagement and reach out to such a large number of students at the same time. Undoubtedly, BYJU’S is a great product that will revolutionise the way students learn across the world, making them fall in love with learning.

They offer various learning programs ranging from Class 1-3 to UPSC preparation modules. You can visit their website page ( to learn more about their offerings. Buy directly from their website to avoid fraud sellers of BYJU’S products since they don’t have direct sellers.

You can share all your feedback, queries, complaints, or any concerns you may have about BYJU’S learning programs at their official support page. Their dedicated team normally addresses customer questions within 24 hours.


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