We have the perfect birthday cake for any birthday celebration. To make it easier for you to find yourself on our website, especially for you, at the top, you will find three sections: “Toddlers,” “Kids,” and “Teenagers.” So you have the option of organizing the celebration depending on the age of the birthday person.

You will also find an 18th Birthday cake for a boy or an 18th Birthday cake for a girl. In addition, you will find the most popular cakes in the online birthday cake order section, where you can order cakes being away from the city.

The first birthday together is and will always be a great moment, which we want to make for you even more beautiful thanks to our cake with the number 1. Of course, we have the right gift not only for children and young adults

But also for adults and seniors. After all, everyone likes to get a birthday cake! We hope to help you find your dream product better and find inspiration to make your birthday party great.

Photos On Birthday Cakes

Are you looking for the right birthday present? We know it and to make this difficult task easier for you, we offer you a wide selection of birthday cakes. After all, everyone loves a birthday cake so that it will be the perfect gift. Regardless of the age of the birthday person, we can satisfy everyone. For example, our photostats are ideal for printing a photo of a birthday party or birthday party. Just in the blink of an eye, choose the right photo with the birthday boy’s face, and we will print it for you on an edible cake topper made of the best marzipan.

 Thus, you will create not only a good birthday present but also a fun surprise moment! Of course, you can also have a photo of your favorite actor, cartoon character, or superhero printed on the birthday cake.

Our Theme Cakes

You can also design the birthday cake to match the theme; look at our theme cakes! We have birthday cakes with the words “Happy Birthday” in, for example, green, yellow or blue colors so that you can match your cake to the rest of the prepared decorations. You can order a gift cake in the same way. They are in the shape and design of a beautifully wrapped gift. This way, you can be sure that your cake will be received positively, even if you don’t know the recipient very well.

You can order a simple and elegant birthday cake online with us. In addition to the usual birthday cakes, we also have more special cakes. For magic pony lovers, we have unicorn cakes. Our fat unicorn Pummel is a trendy choice. A slightly chubby and cuddly unicorn will decorate your birthday cake and will not only make it look good but also make a sweet impression. Our product range covers many special interests or topics.

Robot cakes, party cakes, and even vintage cakes are in our category of birthday cakes; you will find all types.

Deluxe Cakes

Our deluxe cakes are perfect for an elegant birthday party. They will make your birthday a real gala evening. A fancy suit or elegant dress and a ribbon around the cake are available in the color of your choice. We will adjust your deluxe cake to your needs. Of course, you can order our cakes in different sizes so that you are perfectly prepared for the number of your guests. Our deluxe makeup cakes come in various designs so that you can customize them to your liking.

Personalized Cakes

We also took care of funny sayings! Like “Keep Calm and …” cakes can be personalized and are great for birthday cakes. Here you can then develop your saying to put a big smile on the recipient’s face.

Our extraordinary cakes also ensure a smile on your face. Our bag-shaped cake is a real gem that every purse maniac will be pleased with!

Your decorations, combined with birthday cakes and designed themes, will harmonize and create a lovely party atmosphere. Again, we made a distinction between different age groups. This way you can be sure to organize the right party and theme for every birthday person.


Regardless of the age of the birthday person for whom you are looking for a birthday cake, we have the right one! Our number of cakes range from 1 to 100 and are available to order in a variety of colors and designs. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you have chosen the right cake, even if you do not know what the hobbies or interests of the birthday person are – however, it is essential in this case that you know his age. For various birthday parties, we also have different party kits. So with every order, you can be sure that the birthday surprise or birthday will be a 100% real highlight.


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