Herbal products have been one of the most significant trends over the decade. Given their natural benefits, consumers across the globe are stressing more on purchasing herbs products, over chemically produced products, or even medications.

Giving the ongoing pandemic we are all experiencing, buyers are relying more on herbal products to ensure a healthy lifestyle and get rid of chronic diseases and disorders.

Provided our little knowledge around such products, it can be a tricky job for you to choose the right herbal product. Moreover, only a few products go through a proper quality check before they are available. You might start experiencing several complications while consuming herbal products of substandard quality.

There’s only one ideal way to avoid such a situation, always follow the checklist! Following a checklist can lead you to buy the right product and ensure quick relief. Moreover, take suggestions from an expert, regarding the herbs and supplements before purchasing.

To help your further, here’s a detailed checklist that you must go through, before buying herbal supplements:

1.   Check the Quality Standard

Checking the quality standard is your primary responsibility while buying herbs and their supplements. All leading countries have food security and standardizing organizations that test a product and mark it fit for consumption.

Never purchase a herbal supplement that lacks the seal of the standardizing organization and a proper label. Such products might contain impurities that can lead you to harmful side effects.

2.   Go through the list of Ingredients

Don’t forget to check the list of ingredients before purchasing any herbal products. Generally, these products contain coatings, binders, added flavors, and preservatives, and some of them can be unhealthy.

So, you should not only check the main ingredients but the added ones too. See if any additives are mixed with the product in abnormal percentages. Buy the product only if it has all ingredients in a balanced proportion.

3.     See if the dosages are mentioned on the label

When buying herbal products, you should check the label for the details regarding the dosages. Generally, you can use these products both internally and externally. On buying a herbal skin care product, check for the number of times you can apply it.

Similarly, if you have bought a supplement, go through the label and understand the right way to consume it. Follow the suggestions of the Ayurveda expert concerning the dosages. This is yet another reason why you must buy a product that is appropriately labeled.

A majority of herbal supplements are made with the essential combination of herbs and spices. As a result, overdosage might lead to discomfort. It is another reason why you must read the label thoroughly.

4.     Avoid herbs products with private label

Private label herbal products are primarily launched in the market by people lacking knowledge of supplements. So, there is always a risk of experiencing health hazards while applying or consuming such products.

Never purchase a product with a private label where no manufacturer’s address, phone number, or office address is present. Moreover, you should inquire whether the shopkeeper’s brand of herbs products promises a return if no satisfactory improvement occurs on usage.

Remember, not all herbal products with private labels are unsafe. All you must do is check for the authenticity of the product.     

5.     Market presence and reputation of the company

No matter the type of herbal product you are buying, check if the brand is reputed and has a prolonged market presence. Generally, a brand develops market sustainability depending on the quality of the products they make. The reputation of the company also increases as consumers start trusting the brand.

Any reputed brand is most likely to have a website where you can check the product description and the user reviews. Apart from the suggestion of the expert, these reviews can help you to know in-depth about it.

While buying herbs and supplements, you can go with the reference of the retailer but make sure he is someone reliable.

6.     Amount of the product

Price is a vital thing you should check before buying a herbal product of any brand. However, you must compare with the amount of product. As there are multiple types of herbal products in the market, the price and amount can always vary.

Moreover, consider the dosage while concluding if a product is expensive or not. For example, dry herbal extracts are generally cheaper than liquid ones. It happens due to the extraction process. Natural oil extraction is a long process where fermenting and processing a whole herb can be done relatively quickly.

7.     Choose a product that shows a lab result

Some top-notch herbal brands provide a lab result along with each product. This result ensures safety as well as the responsiveness of the product. Every company needs to invest a considerable amount of money in carrying out these tests.

However, it increases the sales as the customers consider the lab results as a document for the outstanding quality of the product.

Always visit an Expert!

While purchasing whole herbs from any brand, you must check if it is of the best quality. Otherwise, you can choose the direct herb extracts to apply on your skin or consume it regularly.

Visit an expert and make suggestions regarding the usage of a herbal product. An excellent herbal expert can make a list of ingredients that can be unsafe for you. Always clarify the herbal expert whether you are allergic to any substance as he might prescribe the supplementary accordingly. 

Choosing a safe herbal product can help you get rid of the discomfort without allergies and rashes.

Final Words

Herbal products are well available in the market as well as the e-commerce websites. You can search for ‘herbal stores near me on the internet or choose a website to buy it. There are the same types of products manufactured by multiple brands. Follow the points given here to choose the best one for you. If you are purchasing it online, make sure the payment mechanism of the website is secured. Take several referrals and minutely go through the product descriptions to know more about it before you buy. You can also check for combo offers and discounts on the herbs products and grab the best one according to your needs.


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