Whether your kitchen hasn’t been renovated since the beginning of the ‘90s or you simply can’t stand that vinyl flooring anymore, it is time to modernise the space. And it is easy! With the endless options manufacturers flood the market with, you can now have your pick from modern-looking, sleek materials that look incredibly contemporary.

Thanks to the budget-friendly alternatives, you could easily revamp your kitchen as a fun family DIY project over a few weekends. What is more important, it won’t look like a dreadful fixer-upper but like the real deal.

Use Metal Fixtures

Say no to plastic cabinet handles that keep falling apart! Instead, go for contemporary metal fixtures. Since metal has been a hot trend in kitchen design over the last few years, you can use it to your advantage.

Nowadays, you have a sea of endless options starting with copper, stainless steel, nickel-chrome and going to brushed aluminium. Depending on the style of the room and your personal preference you can choose a bright shining metal or a matte one that will add delicate appeal to the surfaces it decorates.

Change or Refresh the Flooring

If you are amongst those unlucky homeowners who still have to put up with vinyl flooring, it is about time you considered a change. You can replace the dreadful material with an environmentally-friendly one, like bamboo or laminate.

In case you prefer the old but gold tiles, all you need to do to freshen the ones you already have installed is to book professional domestic cleaners to keep your tile floors in check. Additionally, you can opt for a “wilder” look with stone flooring – but I still don’t think stone has that warm, homely appeal, generally associated with the kitchen.

Choose a New Material for Your Countertops

You will be surprised at the difference a simple change of the countertop material can make. Not only do quality countertops add value to your property but they can also spice up the interior design of the place. You can have your pick from natural stones like granite and marble through solid surfacing like polymers and resin – very popular and appealing materials which can often be found in high-end homes. However, the variety doesn’t stop here. More forward-thinking designers now utilise materials previously used only in a building. Just imagine bricks, concrete or even tiles used for countertops! It certainly gives a lot of food for thought!

Take Down the Upper Cabinetry

Another way to rediscover your kitchen is to take down the upper cabinetry. If in previous years it was a must-have with its endless (well, more like limited) storage possibilities, now there are other more creative ways to utilise the wall space above the countertops. The upper cabinetry “eats up” the optical space in a kitchen, often making it look cluttered and smaller.

There are better ways to add storage space with open shelving, for instance. If you simply want to decorate, you can repaint the newly freed wall or even add an indoor gardening feature. In any case, upper cabinetry is yesterday’s news as far as interior designers are concerned!

Reupholster the Stools

Comfortable seating is essential for a modern kitchen. However, shabby-looking stools or chairs can significantly reduce the appeal of your kitchen. The good news is that you can solve this problem by reupholstering them. Use bright, bold colours and patterns to add a flair to your interior design. Additionally, you can also place some throws for contrast and more colour. In some cases, all you need is to book upholstery cleaning in Melbourne city to freshen up your stools and chairs. If they are in contemporary style and you find that their upholstery is still trendy, a simple deep cleaning will do you the world of good.


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