Coffee Capsules

These days, there are coffee pod-compatible coffee machines available on the market, such as Nespresso and other brands. You can use compatible coffee capsules with these machines. These third-party pods can be made of aluminium, plastic or compostable materials and come in different varieties to please all tastes. There are various brands of coffee pods available on the market, such as Nespresso pods

The following are some popular flavours of coffee pods.


It is a musical term meaning ‘broken chords’, describing how two or more notes are played. It’s used in this case as a perfect name for this espresso capsule because it’s rich and creamy, just like a symphony of flavours.

The Arpeggio blend comprises fine Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. The result? An espresso delivers an intense taste with hints of caramel, followed by fruitiness at the end.


This coffee is made using less water than usual, resulting in a more concentrated flavour. The beans used to create it are roasted longer and at higher temperatures than other coffee pods. The result is low-caffeine content and an intense aroma that is perfect for those who want to enjoy their cup of Joe without the jitters or crash later on. While ristretto has fewer calories than many other espresso blends, it packs more caffeine per gram than most other flavours: 10 mg to 7 mg for Arabica and 5 mg for Decafés.


Italian for “long”, this is the longest of the capsule sizes. It has a volume of 12 ml and is compatible with all machine models. The lungo capsule size is the most popular among coffee pod users, who use it to make their morning coffee or tea and hot chocolate, mochas and iced coffees.

Since lungo has a longer brew time than ristretto and espresso, you can make it in most types of milk to create creamy lattes or cappuccinos. You may also want to try experimenting with different flavours such as vanilla or hazelnut so that they’ll complement your drink.

Creme caramel

The flavour of caramel does not come to mind when you think of coffee. However, many people find a certain appeal and would love to enjoy it with their morning brew. That is precisely what this capsule does for them.

The aroma is sweet and creamy, just like the caramel itself. The taste is also very smooth and pleasant, with just the right amount of sweetness, so it doesn’t overpower your brew.

Vanilla eclair

Vanilla eclair is a sweet and creamy flavour, with hints of vanilla and a touch of whipped cream. It’s one of the most popular flavours, as it’s absolutely delicious and equally at home whether you’re drinking your coffee black or with milk.

This is a great all-rounder for people who regularly change their coffee flavours. If you’re unsure where to start when choosing which coffee capsule to try first, this flavour will be perfect.


This is a perfect blend of caramel and vanilla. It’s the second most popular flavour in the coffee pod range, next to Creme Brulee. This one is an espresso-based capsule, so it’s best enjoyed with your morning cuppa.

Caramelito has a medium to high caffeine content, making it ideal for energy-boosting mornings or afternoon “tiramisus”. The recommended dose for this capsule is 2g / 4g per cup (1 oz). For optimal taste, wait 2 minutes after brewing before serving.

Coconut macaroon

It’s a bit lighter flavour intensity, but it does have a pleasant aftertaste that lingers on the tongue. The flavour profile isn’t as balanced as some other flavours, but still pretty good overall.


The fact that there are so many different flavours to choose from is excellent, and they can all be made in your kitchen with a coffee pods-compatible capsule machine is even better. You can also buy flavours exclusive to specific machines, such as Nespresso pods for Nespresso machines. Get these amazing flavours and elevate your regular cup of coffee!


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