DIY creative recycling of wooden pallets

The wooden pallets offer us the possibility to create many pieces of furniture to decorate the house and garden. The proposals are varied, but today we deal in particular with the table with pallets. In the following images, you can discover some tutorials to put into practice.

How to build a garden table with pallets

The garden is the area of ​​the house where summer days are spent. To be functional, you need to think about the furniture. Building a table with pallets is not difficult at all. You need some pallets and the DIY tools that every man should have in his cellar.

Table with pallets and design

Beautiful table with beautiful designs!

Thus, the design of a table can be different according to the space available. Of course, its processing will also be more complex if we have to make it more modern and adapt it to interior design. Also, we can skip a few steps for rustic environments and leave the wooden pallet in its rawest state and also have an eye on lotus drawing.


· Two wooden pallets

· Electric wood hacksaw

· Electric wood sander

· Felt tip pen

· Hammer and nails

· Four pieces of metal for the table legs with mounting structure

· Protective varnish for wood

· Brush


1. The pieces of wood from the pallet must separate. In addition, For this step, you can use the electric hacksaw.

2. Once we have cut out the pieces of the wooden pallets, we need to put them to stick together because we need to draw a circle. Hence, the pallet table will be on two levels, meaning you have to use two bases to join with nails. Further, once you have finished this step with the marker, draw a circle. Find a stencil and report the measurements of the circle. Thus, there is no need to specify that it must be a perfect circle.

3. Further, cut out the circle with the electric jigsaw.

4. Once the bases of our table have been joined, and the sanding work must do. Moreover, be sure to pass the edges of the table as well.

5. Attach the table legs according to the assembly instructions. Also, these materials can find in home improvement stores.

6. The last step for this pallet table is the protective coat of paint you need to give. Also, let it dry.

A coffee table with a glass surface and wheels


· 1 wooden pallet

· Glass for the table with the dimensions of the pallet

· White paint

· Brush

· 4 wheels

· Sandpaper to sand the wood


1. First, you need to sand the wood well so that the paint adheres well.

2. Place the pallet on a work surface and paint it with a brush. Furthermore, let it dry.

3. Next, attach the wheels of the table. Also, the tools for this step can find at home improvement stores.

4. Place the glass surface.

Table with pallets to decorate the living room


· Pallets or reclaimed wood

· Plywood (sized for your table – above and below)

· Nail gun

· Nails

· Electric hacksaw

· Wood glue

· Drill

· Sander

· 4 long pieces of wood for the table legs


1. Divide the pallets into individual tabs. Separate the cards from the pallet using the special tool. Further, remove all pins from the pallet timber.

2. Using a circular saw, cut the plywood to the size you want for the table.

3. Draw a line in the center of the plywood. Also, it will be the guide for aligning the cards.

4. Using the sanding tool, lightly sand the pallets. Further, you can do more detailed sanding if you don’t want your table to look rustic.

5. In addition, to make the shelf under the table, use the three planks from the center (or inside) of the pallet and cut the dimensions of your table using a circular saw.

6. Secure the three boards to the plywood tabletop using a drill and screws. Now, Place one board at each end and one centered in the middle.

7. Further, arrange the pallet boards in the desired pattern, using the drawn line as a guide. (Thus, the planks will hang over the edge of the plywood).

8. Apply glue to the back of the pallet boards and lay them on top of the plywood. (Hence, the glue helps keep the boards in place while nailing, and you won’t need to use any nails with glue.)

9. Using nails and a nail gun, nail the pallet boards to the plywood.

10. After nailing all the pallet panels, draw the line at the edge of the table and, using a circular saw, and further cut the pallet panels to size.

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11. Using an additional wooden pallet, further create a frame for the edge of the table.

12. Using a circular saw, cut another piece of plywood to fit the planks on the bottom of the table. I wanted the outer edges to be pallet wood, so we cut two panels to fit the edges and sized the plywood to fit those. Moreover, You can only use a piece of plywood here if you wish.

13. Drill holes in the pallet panels (or plywood if you use it) where the legs will fasten. So, screw the board to the legs.

14. Further, once all four legs are secured to the pallet boards, place the plywood in the middle and screw it into place.

15. Then, Screw the two pieces together. Also, Turn the table over and sand down any rough spots.


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