Breastfeeding Moms
Breastfeeding Moms

Becoming a mother is one of the most joyous, exciting, overwhelming experiences for any woman. This loveable feeling demands lots of sacrifice, patience, selfless love and a ton of sleepless nights especially when she is breastfeeding her child. Breast milk is the safest, most nutrient rich food for babies and can provide lifelong health benefits to both the new born and mother.

Mothers face challenging situations as they try to give their best in taking control on many facets of motherhood. Some wrestle with the overabundance of milk supply while others require breast milk supplements in order to boost their milk supply.

Though breastfeeding is a natural process. We all acquire some help and support from people around us. It could be your friends, family members or especially your better half, your partner. Mothers need assistance emotionally, physically, mentally as well.

Here are a few recommendations for the people who are trying to brace the new moms with the breastfeeding process. I will try to highlight both do’s and don’ts for the person who is around and supporting these super ladies!

Dos for Supporting Breastfeeding Moms

  1.  Breastmilk Supplements- Firstly we should be worrying if the mother has low breast milk supply. We should immediately give her some lactation cookies, bars or breast milk supplements to increase milk supply, along with a lactation consultant that should also be consulted. Otherwise, the struggle would be really hard for the poor mum.
  1. Kind and Supportive Words and Gestures- Practically feeding is done by mothers only. Still, they require appreciation, encouragement and lots of kind words from their better half, family or friends. Make her feel more content, jovial and relaxed from your words and acts. She should be apprised to know that the choice of feeding her baby is cent per cent spot on. She is doing the best thing in this world for her baby.
  1. Practical Help from Partner- Her support system should also participate in taking care of the baby while the mother can take a nap, enjoy eating her meal along with her favourite T.V. show or just relax while taking a hot water shower. So, she can regain all her energy back and can look after the new born with full focus again.
  1. Keep her Hydrated- Another important yet ignored aspect is that mothers are not that watchful regarding their water intake. Check upon her water bottles to be refilled always. Keep her hydrated! Also give her breast milk supplements on time. Her diet should also be monitored properly. She must be taking proper balanced diets full of jam pack nutrients, proteins, calcium and fats too. Nutritionists also advise multivitamins and breast milk supplements to improve health, quality of milk and fitness of mothers.
  1. Support in getting 8-hours of Sleep- Encourage the mother and the baby with full assistance and concern, as they might have odd times of sleep with no routine of feeding and sleeping. Make her available with the best pillows, mattresses and lights she would prefer to stay in. Her comfort must be the first priority!
  1. Breast Pumps Availability- Also mothers could be assisted by providing electric breast pumps so they can save their milk in glass hygienic bottles. This will ensure when they are at work, her child is fed on mother’s milk solely. Breast milk supplements can also be consumed to increase milk supply. 

Don’ts when Supporting a Breastfeeding Mother

Watch out! All concerned about newly turned mothers must also be sentient about what not to do, so things must remain calm and smooth. Never impose your thoughts, experiences or suggestions  on them. This might be very stressful for her. You can always guide her but in a very submissive manner. She can decide well about when to stop feeding the baby or what routine should be set.

1. Say No to Bottles and Pacifiers- Try and advise them to never give the babies pacifiers or top feed from bottles. Don’t discourage them from breast feed. Bottle feeding is easy and quick but trust me it is not even close to nature’s God gifted mother’s milk. Also these bottles could be very unhygienic and super unhealthy.

2. Don’t Leave Her Alone- Try staying with her! Invest more of your time with her. Never leave her alone ,she needs you. She could feel insanely alone and this would be quite depressing for her. We humans are social animals and we need people around us. This affects positively in many ways. This will relieve her building frustration and depression too.

3. Nipple Creams and Ointments- Sometimes feeding the baby is not that easy as considered. Sucking and swallowing rhythm patterns doesn’t develop properly. Without proper latch breasts are sucked so badly that they become sore, cracked and many times they bleed too. You need to take her to the doctor, bring her best safe ointments or nipple shields that work. Coconut or olive oil also works in moisturizing the nipples. Meanwhile calm her so she shouldn’t panic in this situation.

4. Stay Away from Unhealthy Food- Don’t offer her junk food, carbonated drinks or even alcohol. Milk is made and has the effects of what mother is having in her diet. An infant’s stomach is very sensitive to such things, especially alcohol. It’s pretty natural that women gain weight in pregnancy. Once they are free from the baby’s birth, they want to get rid of the extra fat piling around. Flabby waistline and chubby cheeks are becoming their concerns…Hold on mommies! You are not going on a diet so soon. You need healthy nutrition and full food. No cutting of carbs, no excessive proteins and fad diets are advised.

A woman has so many responsibilities on her shoulders, going through all the body changes during pregnancy and delivering a baby while bearing so much pain. From changing their diapers to putting them to sleep and many sleepless nights all make all these mothers Super Women!


Cheers! To all the mothers around. You all are doing great jobs. All the appreciation is nothing in front of your efforts, devotion and selfless love. We must always treat our mothers with compassion, kindness, care and affection. They have gone through a lot for us in our childhood. Respect them and love them always!


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