Chennai, formerly Madras is one of the oldest cities developed in the country. It was a place of strategic importance at the time of British rule in India. And therefore the education system has been flourishing since that time in Chennai. Hosting several state-owned and government-funded schools and colleges, the major Medium of Instruction in English and Tamil. Though there are several autonomous and deemed universities, Anna University of Chennai is one of the most popular universities in India that attracts thousands of students from all parts of the country every year. So let’s see why Anna University is so popular and how a student’s life there is?

History of the Anna University

Anna University is a state-owned university established in the year 1978 after merging the four very renowned colleges in Chennai i.e. College of Engineering (est. 1794), Alagappa College of Technology (est. 1944), Madras Institute of Technology (est. 1949), and School of Architecture and Planning (est. 1957). The University gets its name from the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu Late Dr. C.N. Annadurai. During its period, the university has changed its structure many times. In 2001 it was converted as an affiliating type then in 2010 it became a unitary type and in 2012 it again became an affiliating type bringing all the Engineering and technology colleges under its affiliation to maintain uniform quality of education in Engineering. (Must have been very confusing for a student who was going abroad for higher studies as to where to get the Anna University transcript from)

Important Key points of Anna University

  • The structure of the university has been changed multiple times
  • The Medium of Instruction at Anna University is English and Tamil.
  • The University has four University department campuses (CoE, MIT, ACT, and SAP) and 593 affiliated colleges
  • In the university departments, there are around 16000 students enrolled in 29 UG and 90 PG courses in various streams.
  • In the affiliated colleges, more than 7 lakh students are studying in 41 UG and 57 PG courses.
  • There are currently 14023 Ph.D. students in the field of Engineering, Science, and Technology.

Courses offered at Anna University

Unlike many other universities, Anna University is a dedicated university for Engineering, Science and Technology (with an exception of the M.Phil. in PG program).

The various UG courses are provided following departments:

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Technology
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Information and Communication Engineering
  6. Architecture and Planning

Various PG courses are also provided in the above-mentioned departments in addition to Science and Humanities department and Management Science department.

How to apply for foreign studies after graduating from Anna University?

A huge ratio of the student going abroad for foreign studies from India consists of students from Anna University. Earlier there was confusion as to where to get the certificates like Anna University Transcript, Medium of Instruction certificate, etc., and other various documents. The University has many campuses and many affiliates. But since 2012, after merging all the university campuses under one administration, it has become quite easier to get all the documents in one place. Well, you don’t have to visit the university campus anymore. Worldwide transcripts can fetch all the required documents from Anna University at the comfort of your home. Therefore, it is advised that you focus on finding the best college for you and look after your accommodation and other things, while we work for your university documents, ECA, and attestations.

How is the student’s life at Anna University?

Located in heart of the city, student life is very happening at Anna University. The students have proximity to all the entertainment, foods, fun, and leisure. Apart from the culture fests are student-run in the university. So you have a good chance to be a part of the organizing committee and bring out your buried talents. Overall it’s a fun place to be on the campus.


Anna University is no doubt one of the best universities in India. We learned about the history, courses and student’s life there. We also saw how you can get an Anna University transcript or Medium of Instruction certificate if you wish to go abroad for higher studies. So now let us know what you think of this university. If you are alumni, then do share your views with our young readers as well.


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