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The common sexual disorder of men is erectile dysfunction. In this problem, men cannot get and keep their erection for sex. Mainly, the penis of men does not get proper blood circulation, so the erectile dysfunction problem rises. This disorder not only destroys the sexual life of couples but also lead to infertility. Due to stress, depression, excessive alcohol consumption and hormonal disease, erectile dysfunction can be caused. Besides all these, many other causes also affect the erection of men. But erectile dysfunction can be cured if men adopt proper medication, exercises for erectile dysfunction and natural procedures. Further, the use of the medicine and best erectile dysfunction pump in India can also offer great results for ED treatment. 

Additionally, changing lifestyle also leads to solving this problem. Therefore some exercises for erectile dysfunction will help you to get an erection. These exercises will increase blood circulation to the genital part of men and support an erection. Let’s learn about these exercises deeply below. 

What are the various causes of erectile dysfunction?

Various problems can cause erectile dysfunction. This disease is not an aging problem. You can go through this problem at any age due to the below causes. 

  • Excessive smoking and use of drugs
  • Stress, depression, anxiety and other psychological facts
  • Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and cholesterol increases the risk of erection dysfunction as well.
  • Spinal cord or penile injury
  • Some medical treatment side effects
  • Excessive weight and unhealthy lifestyle
  • Some urological problem
  • Low testosterone level

Various treatment options for erectile dysfunction 

Various medical procedures can solve the erectile dysfunction problem with conjunction to some exercises for erectile dysfunction. Additionally, many natural remedies, changing lifestyle, yoga and exercise also help to cure this problem. Here some treatment options are described to solve the erection problem of men.


The erectile dysfunction problem of men will be solved by different medication processes. Some medicines are very effective and work instantly to provide erection for sex. Various drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra increase the blood flow to the genital part of the men. These medicines cannot wholly cure erectile dysfunction, but they are beneficial for instant solutions. Besides these, after taking these drugs, a man can keep his erection for one hour.

Vacuum pump

Another beneficial treatment option for erectile dysfunction is the Vacuum pump. The use of a vacuum pump will help the men to get an erection within 30 minutes. Different devices of vacuum pumps create pressure and develop blood circulation in the genital part. Therefore a man can hold his erection for 30 to 60 minutes. Moreover, the vacuum pump is also helpful in enlarging the genital region of men. 

Penile injection

The penile injections for curing erectile dysfunction are beneficial. These injections regulate the blood circulation in the penile area. It is also an instant solution for getting an erection. The injection is directly injected into the penis, and it starts its work within 20 to 30 minutes. Moreover, penile injections provide strength to the penis muscle to get a good sex life.


Penile implantation or surgery is a perfect way to solve this problem. But this procedure is hazardous. A flexible rod is an insert in the penile muscle in this process. This rod will help the person get and maintain an erection for sex. After all unsuccessful treatments of erectile dysfunction, people adopt this process to get an erection. 

Changing lifestyle 

Due to various causes, erectile dysfunction destroys the sexual life of couples. A perfect and healthy lifestyle will solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. Proper weight management, diet and exercise will help get an ideal sex life. Some exercises for better erection are described below. 

Five exercises to fight erectile dysfunction 

If you want to solve your problem of erection, it would be best to adopt the best exercise for erectile dysfunction. Let’s check out these below. 

kegel exercises for ed

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercise for ED is also called pelvic exercise. This exercise increases the strength of the bottom pelvic muscles and provides power to the penis. If you adopt pelvic floor exercises for ED, the blood will not flow out from the penis. It also improves pubococcygeus’s tone and helps you get better sex life. 

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic is an erectile dysfunction cure exercise, which helps you to get better sex life. Moreover, aerobics solves diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure. By decreasing all these risks, it helps to activate the body function along with the penis. Regular aerobic practices will increase the stamina, power and blood flow to the pelvic region of men. 

Knee fallouts

Moreover, to activate the pelvic floor muscles; you can adopt this exercises for erectile dysfunction regularly. This exercise will maintain the pelvic floor strength and help to increase erections. First, lie down on the floor, bend your knee, and squeeze your pelvic muscle. This process will help stabilize the pelvic muscles. It also relaxes the penis muscles.

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Pelvic curl

The pelvic curl exercise also increases the power of the pelvic floor muscles. To practice this exercise first you bend your knee and lie down on the floor with flat feet. Then it would be best if you squeeze the pelvic muscles for better function. Try the Pelvic Curl exercises for erectile dysfunction to get a proper erection.  

Supine foot raises

In this exercise for erectile dysfunction, first, you lie down and bend your knee. Next, raise your one leg upward and inhale deeply. Slowly exhale and slow down your leg. Then repeat this process in the alternate leg. Repeat it ten times for better results. 

Bottom line

In conclusion, regular exercises for erectile dysfunction will provide muscle power to the penis. People get and keep better erections after adopting these. So you must try all these exercises to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.


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