Fog Machines Guide: A Complete Beginner’s Resource

A fog generator, smoke machine or fog machine is a device that emits a dense vapour appearing similar to the smoke or fog. It is an artificial fog creating machine that is commonly used in professional entertainment applications, industrial uses, training uses and military applications. The fog is created by vaporizing proprietary water and glycerin-based or glycol-based fluids through atomization of mineral oils that results in a thick visible fog.     

Here is the complete guide of fog machines that will give you a brief introduction about each and everything regarding the machine. So let’s start a complete beginner’s resource from beginning to end that will help you know all about the machine.

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About Fog Machine

It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be use for spraying chemical solutions or making artificial fog. The machine is available in different sizes and is fill with different types of liquid that is eligible to provide smoke and fog in the atmosphere. With the use of electricity, the fog tool converts liquid into fog and provides white smoke in the place where it is place. They are also used as a sanitizing machine at many places.

You can keep the machine on the chair, on a table or on the floor at an eligible height where you need the fog. The machines are portable therefore you can easily take them from one place to another or wherever you need it. The machines can be heavy or light in weight depending upon the material from which it is made.

Different Types of Fog Machine

There are different types of fog machines that run on different measures to provide fog in the environment. Here are some of the major types of fog machine that produce smoke in the atmosphere.  

Chilled Fog Machine

With the help of a chill fog machine thick clouds of fog are create that lie close to the ground. The fog is typically create by using either dry ice, liquid nitrogen, liquid CO2 or liquid air. The dry ice effects are produce by heating water to or near to boiling point in a suitable container and dropping in pieces of dry ice due to which it provides chilled fog. This is because at standard temperature and pressure carbon dioxide sublimes and instantly produces a gas by condensing water vapour into a thick fog.

Heated Fog Machine

The most commonly used fog machines are the heated fog machine. They use either an inert gas or an electric pump to propel mineral oil, propylene glycol or a mixture of water and glycerin. Hence, these are use to heat and to make fog from the solution. The basic models of heated fogging machines consist of a fluid reservoir and an electric pump. That converts fluid into smoke. The modern models include a variety of other features including timer modules, variable speed pumps and the components for remote operation.   

Haze Machine 

Also known as hazers or haze generators the haze machine produces an atmospheric effect. Which tends to be less dense as compared to the smoke produced from fog machines. It is most commonly use in creating a more subtle look.

The haze can stay in the air for hours depending upon the ventilation of the location. Further, the machine takes a bit longer to fill the same volume of space with a visible effect of a fog machine. As it uses small particle sizes of output that are under 5 micrometers. 

Places to Use Fog Machine

The fog machines are use at a number of places or events. Where the white smoke may be require to create an effective look. You might get an idea to use the machine at certain places. List below are some of the most common places where the machines can be used.


The most popular use of fog machines is at concerts. To create a dazzling effect in the surrounding or on the stage you can make use of a fog machine. It is most commonly used in music concerts or annual day functions that makes the act look admiring.  

Night Clubs

Another common use of a fog machine is at nightclubs. The dance and parties are incomplete without fog at the floor as it provides a playful vibe at the club. Some colors are fill in the liquid solution to provide a colorful smoke.

Industrial Uses

They are also use in industries as a fog sanitizer machine so that the surrounding remains clean and bacteria free. It is also use to spray insecticides and pesticides in gardens, farms and other areas where sanitizing is require. 


To create a super fantastic look on the wedding day you can make use of the fog machine. The use of fog machines is immensely increasing in weddings. A low-lying fog machine can be use on the stage at dance performances and engagement ceremonies.    


Pre-wedding shoots are the new trend in the town. Using different accessories and props in a photo shoot makes the photos look more interesting. The fog looks amazing in the photo so while doing the photography do add the machine in the accessories.

How to Use a Fogging Machine

The fogging machine usually works on electricity and sometimes on batteries depending upon its size and voltage. First you need to choose the machine as per your need . Further, you will be require to fill the machine with liquid solutions or dry ice according to the machine which you use.

Plug it on the switchboard and on it whenever required. You can keep it at the eligible height so that the fog can be produced at the height whichever you desire.

There are unlimited uses of a fog machine. From creating fog in the events to sanitizing the area they are use on a high basis. You will get it from online stores and offline stores as there are a number of sanitizer fogging machine in India. Hence, you can choose the one that is suitable best for the place where you are going to use it.  


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