If you are looking forward to visiting Beijing, then wait a while to read our article. You will be amazed to see how adorable is this city is, housing tons of tourist attractions. 

The city of Beijing is the capital of China for more than 800 years and houses premium remnants of the past of China and the cultural hub.

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Check out the most famous destinations in the city:

The Great Wall of China

 The Great wall of China is among the top wonders of the world that extends 4,000 miles. The division has numerous sections, including both restored and rugged areas around Beijing. So, start your walk at Mutianyu while opting for an inspiring hike on the lonely walls of Jinshanling, also known as Jiankou. Then, visit the Simatai to have a wonderful night experience in the great wall.

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The Forbidden City

The forbidden city is the largest antique splendid structure globally and is best known for preserving the palace in china. Visit this pretty palace and explore the hidden gems from this place. Would you please make sure you have a guide with you and learn about its history and culture? They are bridging the emperor’s peculiar lives and their worships and many more to be examine.

Discover the Temple of Heaven

The temple of heaven is the majestic platform and is a place of the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties who use to worship heaven. The temple is among the holy places and the most sacred of Beijing imperial. This temple is renowned as a masterpiece in the history of China, built with antique architecture and design. The temple attracts tons of visitors and offers a peaceful and tranquil essence.

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The Tian’anmen Square

Tian’anmen square is compare with Times Square in New York and Red Square in Moscow. But Times Tian’anmen Square is the largest famous square in the world.Square in New York and Red Square in Moscow, millions of people can be accommodated here. 

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Have a Rickshaw Ride Through the Hutongs

The hutongs in Beijing are incredible slender passageways connecting the old single-story old-fashioned courtyard houses. Visit this lane that offers a fantastic view of the ancient world of Beijing. Have a rickshaw ride along the streets of Hutongs and explore the familiar lifestyles, their culture, and heritage that have been still preserved. People here still prefer to live traditionally. Have a tour in the courtyard to know the authentic Beijing life housing peacefully and reflecting the old china. Check out the hutong walking routes to discover many exciting hutong lanes.

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Beijing has a lot of attractive tourist places and thus gravitating numerous populations every year.

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