A good workplace means a healthy mental state of the employees and enhanced productivity. If we go by the convention, work and play do not go hand in hand. In fact, both are quite the opposite. But, in recent times, several organizations support gamification in the workplace as one of the most prominent employee engagement activities. Gamification, today, has become an essential part of employee motivation management because it keeps the employees motivated to perform well. This is, in turn, beneficial for organizations as regards revenue generation and better customer retention management

Studies show that gamification can change the attitude of employees towards work. As per BJ Fogg, an employee’s behavior changes only when the following merge:

  • Motivation: It goes a long way if your organization aims at gaining something from an employee. But, for that, the organization needs to give something (for instance: a chance to win something, a handsome reward or employee benefit, etc.) 
  • Ability: The employees should never feel overburdened while completing a task. Allow them to comfortably complete a task by breaking it into small assignments that are easy to achieve.
  • Trigger: Employees can be given a hint to complete a complicated task or action. 

Gamification successfully yields results if the points mentioned above can be followed religiously.  

Future of gamification in the modern workplace

Statistics show that gamification has a long way to go. Organizations have their dedicated employee engagement software because today, organizations are actually worried about the mental health of their employees. Now, let’s see the future of gamification: 

  • Betters the mood

Strenuous work ambiance puts employees at a higher risk of experiencing burnout. At least 90% of people have agreed to the fact that gamification makes them alive at work which affects their productivity at work positively.  

  • Recognition works like magic

If someone’s efforts are recognized at work, they are fuelled to work harder. Studies suggest that employees who are appreciated for their work are 2.6 times more efficient than others who feel deprived. Gamification methods such as immediate gratification help employees repeat the excellent behavior.

  • The gamification market size is increasing

The global gamification market has grown from $4.91billion to $11.94 billion within five years. The COVID-19 pandemic has fanned the competition. Hence, organizations must understand that offering rewards and incentives to their employees show positive results as they can leverage the loyalty shown by the employees. Micromanagement of employees has become complex because working from home is the new normal. Hence, relying on gamification is the most intelligent way to survive in the competitive ecosystem. 

Yes, gamification has various other benefits, such as increasing the conversion rate, improving employee motivation management, and so on.

However, it is crucial to implement gamification in the workplace efficiently, for which you can seek help from experts.

Some of the best ways to do it include:

  • Competitions: Interactive competitions are a great way to boost sales. You may ask how? Looking at the numbers can motivate the entire team to achieve better. 
  • Rewards: People love pleasant surprises. So, surprise your employees with unexpected prizes for the stellar performance they show. Receiving random appreciation, incentives, or gift cards for good work can motivate employees to work harder. Give them enough reasons to maintain positive behavior at work. If your organization thinks and feels for the employees they will do the same for the company. 
  • Training and fun-learning process: Long seminars can be mundane. But, what if you were to introduce a point-based quiz session? If you encourage them to interact more to discuss a topic, the outcome will be invariably positive. They will pay more attention and learn faster. 
  • Give them a break: Working on a workday is normal, but sometimes it is okay to offer them respite for some time on a workday. Organize company-wide competitions such as cooking competitions or softball games, etc. The basic idea is to help your employees relax. 

The motto of gamification is to offer a positive game-like environment where employees can work comfortably without feeling the urge to run out of the office. It is a fun way of implementing simple concepts of game mechanics to boost productivity in a non-gaming ecosystem. To make the most of gamification in your organization you can reach out to


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