The 25th anniversary is a tremendous leap, and it’s a huge milestone in married life. This day needs to be celebrated. This day is made to reminisce all those moments that you both as a couple have lived and the journey embarked.

Completing 25 years of marriage is not a cake walk. It needs great patience, compassion and lots and lots of effort to keep the relationship alive. This day also reminds you that you have such a wonderful partner with whom you have shared the golden moments of your life. Husbands always try to surprise their wives on birthdays and anniversaries and many turn to a customizable Visa gift card which they always love!. So on your 25th anniversary surprise your husband with amazing gifts and make him realise his importance in your life.

Here we have compiled a list of gift ideas which you can give your husband on your 25th anniversary and make him feel special.


How can we not think of a cake as a gift? It is the most scrumptious gift ever. If your husband is a foodie, you can gift him an anniversary cake on your 25th anniversary. There are a plethora of options available in cake. From chocolate cake to fruit cake, photo cake to designer cake, custom-made cake to theme cake. You name it, and you have it. Giving a cake as a gift to your foodie husband will make him feel happy and special. You can also accompany this cake with more food items.


This may sound extremely weird, especially as a gift on the 25th anniversary. But trust me, this is going to be the most exotic gift. See celebrating the 25th anniversary means you have lived almost half a century of your life which was full of responsibilities and work. Now it’s high time that both of you bring out that inner child and enjoy the rest of your half-century carefree. Every man loves gaming, and gifting a playstation will bring out the child in him.

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Wine set-

On a Sunday afternoon, lounging on the terrace with a glass of wine, what more can one ask for? You can get a wine set with wine glasses for your husband on your 25th anniversary. This way you both will be able to spend some quality time together on Sundays.

The red Tie box-

Tie adds grace to the look and a red tie is a versatile piece and a must have in the wardrobe. You can get a red tie for your husband packed in a personalised box. It is an extremely graceful gift. I am sure he will love it. You also have an option of sending cakes to India from the USA if you are there on your anniversary. You can send cake to India from USA via online services.

Health band-

Usually couples celebrate their 25th anniversary in their 50’s. This is high time when you should start keeping an eye on each other’s health. A digital health band will be a great help in this. You can give your husband a health band to keep check on his health. This is the best way to express your love towards him and make him realise that you still care.


Be it a man or a woman, flowers are loved by everyone irrespective of gender. You can get a bouquet for your husband on your 25th anniversary. There is a variety of flowers available in the market to choose from. You can customise this bouquet with perfumes and chocolates along with the flowers. I am sure your husband will love the wedding anniversary flowers.

Desk Organiser-

A workaholic husband will love a desk organiser. It will ease his daily tasks, and he will be able to manage time alone. Get your husband a desk organiser which he can use in his office as well as in the home office. You can personalise this desk organiser with his initials on the top.

Shaving kit-

Even if your husband is in his 50’s, that doesn’t mean he needs to look like one. Right? Maintaining the personality will make him look more handsome and charming. So get a shaving kit for your husband to inspire him to maintain his looks and make him realise that you still notice him even after spending such a long span of time with him.

Don’t forget to surprise your husband with these gifts and make him feel special. Instead of surfing the internet for ideas, go with one of the above.


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