Give your Bedroom a Makeover with Marvelous Accents

When it comes to home decor, designing and decorating your Bedroom with modernized accents and statement pieces is one of the typical steps.

Accents are majorly used by interior designers to create a dramatic look and signature style in a particular corner. One can think of accents as an inseparable part of the decor world, just like top pairs with pants.

They add a sense of statement and beauty to space. Now, if we particularly talk about bedrooms, then bedrooms are a prime concern in terms of decoration. One can use accents that include linens, window treatments, pillows, and artwork which can help in adding up color, texture, and pattern. 

Even a minimal change can transform your bedroom space. For example, neutral colors like lilac lavender which is a perfect shade of purple with a light blue tone add a touch of comfort, and relaxation. You can even use accents with different wallpaper designs, captivating lightning, and plants to add color, contrast, and personality.

So, to keep you bounded and intact with your style and taste, here are some amazing accents ideas that you can incorporate in your bedroom space:

  • Use Paint or Wallpaper to Create an Accent Wall: A well-designed accent wall is usually different in color, design, and pattern from the other walls of the rooms. In bedroom accents, walls go really good at the head of the bed i.e, behind the bed. One can achieve a great dramatic and effective look. A vibrant color theme for an accent wall can create an illusion of a larger room. And add an interesting pattern to a room. Nowadays you can easily add up stripes wallpaper. A customized wooden design, metal, decorative paints, and wall sticker to enhance the wall structure.
  • Add the Ethnic Charm With an Accent Pillow: An accent pillow is a little bit different from the usual bed pillow that cradles your head while you are sleeping. These pillows add a splash of color to your bedroom. One can easily find different patterns and textures in accent pillows. If you want to have something for decoration then there can’t be a better option than accent pillows. Just buy the new linens via Amazon promotional code for a fresh and new look. One can easily add two to three accent pillows with different shapes and designs to match the bedroom style.
  • Choose an Eye-Catching Rug: A rug can add a sudden pop of style to any bedroom. Use a different combination of textured and patterned rugs, to incorporate the simple element in the room. There are additional advantages of using a rug, that is it can provide protection for the hardwood floors. Moreover, it can add warmth when you step out of your bed. You can easily choose a rug that matches your style and coincides with the color theme of your bedroom. Interior designers suggest selecting different rugs like braided rugs. Also, round rugs for a wooden floor, or large patterned wool rug for eye-catching attention.
  • Create an Opulent Bedroom With Accessories: From traditional elements to collectibles, accessories, and trinkets round out the room’s decor. That helps in showcasing the uniqueness. Now, when it comes to creating an opulent bedroom space one can easily do that with the help of different antiques like books, candles flowers, and vases. They go really well to achieve a marvelous look. For instance, you can add a small self-standing mirror to your contemporary bedroom for a rustic appearance.

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A nicely accessorized bedroom can enhance the overall beauty. But, remember not to overuse collectible as they can appear tacky.

  • Add Drama and Flair with Curtains And Small Furnishings: Bigger pieces of bedroom furniture like a bed and a dresser are the main centerpieces of any bedroom. But, small furnishings like a bench at the foot or any armchair, a side table near the bed can alleviate the whole look. Similarly, curtains can also spice up your bedroom space if chosen in the right colors and shades. For example, one can use different pastel colors as they work best when it comes to reflecting sunlight entering your room. 

It is advised to not overcrowd your space with small furnishings, instead, carefully use themed and unique pieces for a brighten-up look. There are multitudes of varieties available on Flipkart to help you with furnishing and curtains. And, the best part is you can have the benefit of huge discounts on them as well. All you need to do is apply Flipkart coupon codes online while checking out. These coupons can really help you out with an abstract look that is eye-catching and cheerful.Tip: You can use bold and vibrant colors to create your bedroom look distinctive and dramatic.


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