Green tea has many benefits. It has anti-oxidants that have a healthy effect on our bodies. It is also known as a metabolic booster. It increases metabolic activity. Researches have shown that it can increase energy expenditure. When the energy consumption of the body is increased, more calories are burned. 

This also creates a strong impact on fat burning. Many discussions about its effect on weight are also going on. Regardless of its relation with weight loss, it is considered to be effective for a faster metabolism. This article will explain how it boosts our metabolism.

Helps In Mobilizing Fat From Fat Cells

We are well aware of the fact that fat slows down the metabolism of the body. The accumulation of fat in the body is extremely harmful. If this fat accumulates in the blood vessels, it may lead to life-threatening diseases. Most heart diseases are caused by the increased level of fats and cholesterol. Coronary artery disease is usually caused by fat depositing in the arteries. To burn fat, it is important to break it down in its cells. 

It is then moved into the bloodstream. A study was done on animals, and it was observed that the active compounds in this tea do wonders. These components boost the effect of fat-burning hormones. The main hormone in this mechanism is norepinephrine. The anti-oxidant in this tea inhibits the breakdown of this hormone. This results in an increased breakdown of the fat. 

Many health issues can be treated easily by mobilizing excessive fat. EGCG and caffeine present in it act as a synergist and cause the breakdown of the maximum amount of fat. The fat cells release fat, and they are then moved to the bloodstream. This how the mobilization offer becomes easier. Now the fat can be utilized as another energy source. In this way, your metabolic rate will be boosted by drinking this tea. 

Boosting Metabolic Rate

The metabolic rate can be boosted only when the consumption of the food is equal to the energy expenditure. Our body is constantly burning calories. When we are sleeping or sitting, our cells are still performing functions that require energy. The supplements present in this tea are known for increasing calorie expenditure. 

Even when you are resting, 3-4 percent of calories are burnt. Several studies have suggested the importance of tea in marinating the calories level. Unlike taking a protein-rich diet which can be a source of health issues as well, this tea can help effectively. If a person burns 2000 calories every day, 60-80 percent of the calories get burnt from drinking the tea. It is similar to what you expect from a diet rich in protein. The metabolic boosting effects stay for longer periods. The effect can also vary from person to person.

Helps In Reducing Abdominal Fat

Modest results are seen after using this tea. It increases the metabolic rate and also affects the fat. Remember that not all fat is the same. The fat which is present around the viscera takes a long time to go. This is because the fatty layers are hard to dissolve. Subcutaneous fat is known for its lodging under the skin. It is also called belly fat. FCP Medical doctor help should also be needed if the fats have become excessive. 

Not only is it harmful to the health of the viscera, but it also ruins your posture. The body looks bulkier, and you might not feel confident enough about yourself. These visceral fats are usually accumulated because of inflammation and insulin resistance to diabetes as well. It is seen that the substances present in this tea are helpful in the reduction of visceral fat. 

Benefits Of Regular Drinking

There are many benefits of drinking this tea. In addition to the increase in metabolic activity, it also has other properties. It contains B-Vitamins, magnesium, folate, flavonoids, and many other anti-oxidants. All of them exhibit exceptional qualities. It reduces the level of cholesterol, improved heart functions, manages type 2 diabetes, and reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s as well. 

The role of this tea in treating medical conditions is still under study. But scientists agree on its beneficial properties. It keeps the overall health intact. It also gives an instant feeling of relaxation to the person drinking it. It is also seen that it helps in maintaining the levels of blood pressure as well. Most of the time, it has a placebo effect on the minds of the people as well, where they feel good and contented after consuming it. 


Researches have shown that our metabolic rate is also maintained by having a relaxed body and mind. Sipping this tea increases this phenomenon. A chemical called theanine is present in it. It provides a calming effect. It improves the efficiency of metabolism as well. Doctor help may also be availed if it is not working. It is better to boil it with normal water. If it is directly added to the boiling water, its integrity might get ruined. 

The catechins present in the tea can be destroyed by extremely boiled water. You can also add lemon to get maximum results. The vitamin C presents in the lemon help in the absorbing of the chemicals. The levels of nutrients also vary. The canned tea has less nutritional value. The key ingredient present in it, caffeine, is known to be a brain stimulant. It also increases the productivity of your brain. 

Green tea helps in boosting metabolism by decreasing the fats accumulation in the body. It increases fat mobility in the body. It has great nutritional value. Drinking it more often helps in burning calories and increasing the quality of life. It has relaxation effects on your mind and body. The efficiency of the brain is also improved because of the caffeine present in this tea.


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