Hard Shell Capsules: Types & Manufacturing Process

Hard Shell Capsules or hard gelatin capsules are mainly the solid dosage forms in which one or more medicinal agents or inert materials are enclosed within a small shell perfectly. 

These capsules are widely demand across different industries like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals due to their amazing benefits. In this article, you will learn about different types of hard-shell capsules as well as the manufacturing process.

Types of Hard-Shell Capsules

There are mainly four types of hard gelatin capsules that are stated below:

Clear Hard Gelatin Capsules

These capsules are transparent and have no color due to which even the content fill inside them is easily visible. Clear hard gelatin capsules are consider the perfect choice if you want to show off the texture and color of the contents fill inside.

Opaque Hard Gelatin Capsules

Opaque capsules include opacifying agents, making them non-transparent. They are a perfect solution for light-sensitive fill products.  

Colored Transparent Hard Gelatin Capsules

These are clear capsules but have a little bit of color. They allow a direct view of contents filled inside but include colorings to enhance their aesthetic appeal. In the market, you can find these capsules in different colors like red, yellow, orange, etc. 

Colored Opaque Hard Gelatin Capsules

If you want to distinguish your brand from others then colored opaque hard gelatin is a viable option. By the color of your products, it becomes easy for the customers to recognize your brand. 

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The Manufacturing Process Of Hard-Shell Capsules

  • Gelatin Preparation

The first step involves the preparation of gelatin. Under a vacuum, gelatin is mix with hot demineralize water. After it is mix properly, the mixture sits for some time that helps in eliminating air bubbles. 

  • Dipping 

Once the target level of viscosity is attain, it’s time to dip. In this step, process gelatin solution is transfer to the capsule manufacturing machine. 

  • Drying 

In this step, coated pin pass from the upper and lower industrial boiler or oven for setting as well as drying. The gently moving air which is controlled for temperature and moisture helps in eliminating the moisture level which is present in the capsule halves. 

However, controlling the temperature and humidity at the time of the drying process is vital. 

  • Stripping And Trimming 

Once the drying process is complete, the pin plate immediately enters the table section of the machine. In this process, the capsules are perfectly divide into two equal or roughly equal sizes that are further strip of the pins. 

Thus, after stripping from the pins, the machine trims the shells of capsules into the needed length. The machine joins the two halves into blocks, once the trimming is carry as per the requirement. 

  • Printing 

After the manufacturing process is done, it’s time for printing. In this step, the capsules are print that helps in identification, dosage information, and promotion as well. 

  • Testing 

All the hard-shell capsules are transfer to the testing cell, after the manufacturing and printing of capsules. In this step, you have to ensure the quality of your capsule. 

  • Packaging 

In this step, the capsules are pack conventionally which makes the handling of the capsule easy. 

Therefore, you can find a wide range of hard-shell capsules at renowned Capsule Manufacturing Company like Sunil Healthcare Limited. 


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