Drug Addiction

Most families with drug addicts are broken or no longer happy. In a village with a few drug addicts, there is no peace. So why do drugs have so many harmful effects, but the number of drug addicts is always increasing and drug users are rejuvenating very quickly? Talking with police officers to prevent drug-related crimes and psychologists, we have the answer.

The vast majority of drug addicts is always in a state of poverty and is always looking for ways to earn money to buy drugs to use to satisfy their addiction. One of the methods of making money for addicts is to find people with money, entice them to use it to get money to buy drugs to share! Many groups of friends, who were inherently good-natured, then one day went to a shop to sing and buy laughter balls to inhale, gradually upgraded to Marijuana, then heroin and finally methamphetamine or synthetic drugs. 

The press has repeatedly reported that the police force caught a “drug party” in many different localities; the participants were mostly young people… This is a very dangerous social phenomenon, showing the cultural standards.

Drug crime is a threat to nations and peoples all over the world

Over the past years, drug crime in India is still happening very complicatedly and tends to increase along with the appearance of many people. Drugs are one of the main causes of crime, and social evils. Consequences and harms caused by drug crimes seriously affect the country’s socio-economic development and security and order. Drugs damage health, lead to loss of working capacity, degradation of human race, dignity, sabotage family happiness, and seriously affect social order and safety and national security. The only place where you can save your self is drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

Effects of drugs:

For human health:

Respiratory system: The drug stimulates the respiratory frequency increases breathing causes inhibition of respiration, especially in overdose. Many cases of apnea, if not treated promptly, will lead to death, sometimes very sudden cessation of breathing. In addition, after taking drugs (especially cocaine) can cause acute pulmonary edema, pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum, alveolar hemorrhage, obstructive bronchiolitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma attack …

Cardiovascular system: Drugs will stimulate an increase in heart rate, directly affect the heart, cause coronary artery spasm, can cause angina, more severe can cause myocardial infarction. They are also the cause of life-threatening arrhythmias in drug users. 

Nervous system: In addition to stimulating the nervous system in the early stages causing excitement, euphoria, drug dependence…, it can also cause complications such as seizures, subarachnoid hemorrhage, stroke…

Genitourinary system: In drug addicts, sexual ability is markedly reduced, and this effect persists after stopping the drug for a long time. In men who use drugs for a long time will have gynecomastia and impotence. In women, there will be menstrual cycle disorders, menorrhagia, abnormal lactation and infertility.

For society: 

The higher the number of addicts, the greater the amount of money to smoke drugs, the more families of addicts goes bankrupt, and there are many crimes of theft, robbery, etc. The addict himself also becomes sick. Weak, labor power is getting worse and worse, becoming a burden to the family and society. Every one addicted with drugs is welcomed at the drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

In the face of the increasingly widespread and complicated situation of drug use and trafficking, we are determined to prevent and completely eliminate the evils of drugs from our lives, bring peace to everyone’s homes and ensure the safety of our people’s safety and order of society. For the future of yourself and your family, for the next generation, for the survival of the nation, for a more beautiful society “Say no to drugs”.


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