How to Buy Quartz Countertops - Complete Guide

Perhaps, among all the countertop choices, quartz has got the cake.  Well, they are trendy among the homeowners that want an update in their kitchens. Indeed, they have a high quality. But quality depends on various factors. Quartz makes your kitchen look stunning. They add a charming appeal to your place. However, you cannot make the right choice unless and until you have a clear idea about their properties.  Well, with the proper piece of information.

Tips for buying quartz countertops 

  1. Determine the quartz countertop cost 
  2. Find out the right place 
  3. Know about their maintenance
  4. Learn about all the color options  
  5. Quartz vs. quartzites 
Choosing the Best Countertops for Your Home

Determine the quartz countertop cost 

Well, budget is one of the main factors in any purchase.  Indeed, the cost is the first and foremost thing you want to know about. Quartz countertops kitchen islands are not too expensive. They have more exciting features when compared to other choices. However, it is less costly than granite. But quite affordable than the other countertop options. 

Well, the cost varies with different quartz types. Also, it depends on the quality of the stone. Moreover, it also depends on the brand. However, usually, you have to pay $30 per square foot. This is not a high-end choice. But if you are looking for some other option, you can have $150 per square foot too. Lastly, prices vary with quality: higher the price, better the quality, and vice versa.

Find out the right place. 

No doubt, big stores are always a temptation for all of us. It’s entirely possible, you may also want to go to the big chain home center. Keep in mind, at these centers; you have only limited choices. And you have to make a selection from this. Moreover, they do not have any good installation services. They lack skilled staff. On the other hand, look for some local shops. At these stores, you can have many choices. 

Moreover, find a store that has many services. Indeed, look for the ones that provide multiple benefits—for instance, the one that deals with sales, designs, fabrication, and installation. In short, look for the hub. Of course, for proper installation, you need skilled staff.

 Make sure that you are not getting any scams. Look for the store that has an abundance of one sample. Never buy the slabs that exist in a small quantity. Because leaving the project incomplete is not a good idea. Last but not least, avoid installing the countertops yourself. Because any single mistake can affect the entire look

Know about their maintenance

Quartz needs no extensive maintenance. They are so easy to care for and clean. Moreover, some people comment that they are entirely maintenance-free countertops. Well, it does not mean at all that you don’t take care of them. Also, they cannot be neglected in any case. However, you can use simple water and soap solutions. Indeed, this is a DIY solution, and it maintains the perfect looks.

Well, never apply any harsh cleaner. Also, never apply abrasive chemicals to the quartz. Moreover, don’t place the hot pans and pots directly. Always use a trivet under it. Resins that are used are destructible. So, try to be careful.

How to Care for Quartz Countertops and Other Quartz Countertop Maintenance

Never allow the spills to settle. Always clean them immediately. However, these countertops have excellent stain resistance. But they can still develop stains. Anyhow, avoid using acidic products because they can cause severe damage to quartz.

Avoid cutting the ingredients or food directly on the surface. No doubt it is very hard. But it can develop scratches. Never apply too much pressure. If there is any sticky material, use a plastic scraper as compared to a knife. Also, buy a certified cleanser. Otherwise, with local cleaners, you can damage the look. 

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Learn about all the color options  

Well, this is an interesting fact. Colorful products always feel enticing. Thanks to the latest technology. Nowadays, pigments and paints can be added to polymers. Moreover, you can also blend the pigments with resins. Anyhow, this is done during manufacturing. Indeed, you can buy any color of your choice. 

In the past, there are limited color choices.  For quartz countertops, you only have some options. As a result, the slabs lack the natural vibe of the stone. Indeed, they are not authentic. However, today you can have any look of your choice. You can add looks like granite, limestone, or any gloss of your choice. Well, it mainly depends on its manufacturing process. 

Quartz Vs Quartzite 

While shopping for kitchen countertops you may look for something affordable. You may find something names quartzite. Hold on. This is not accurate quartz. It has only a similarity in name. Remember, quartzite is a natural material. Also, it is mined from the earth. After mining, it is converted into slabs. It is a natural product and not engineered.

Moreover, quartzite has good water resistance. However, there is a need to seal the material to prevent stains. Quartzite needs extensive maintenance; on the other hand, quartz is easy to handle.


Last but not least, buying quartz countertops is not so easy, yet not so difficult. With the correct information, you can make a better choice. Purchasing a wrong choice will let you regret it far along. Because countertops are a considerable investment. This is not something that you can remove later on. However, it is a natural material. It can easily fit your lifestyle and taste. Lastly, if you are in a home center or countertop store, quartz should be your top priority. It is highly versatile. As it can work efficiently in both kitchens and bathrooms.

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