Waterborne Diseases And Its Solution- Protect Yourself From It

These days waterborne disease has become of the major concern globally, and as these days, drinking water quality is decreasing with each passing day. You must be aware that contaminated water is unsafe. As it contains pathogens in them which can lead to various types of diseases. One of them is a waterborne disease.

In Gurgaon, thousands of people lose their life due to drinking contaminated water. Waterborne disease is most vulnerable among old-aged people and children as their immune system is not developed. So, if your family has old-age people or children, you should ensure drinking water is treated from a water purifier.

A water purifier is based on advanced and modern technology, eliminating all kinds of contamination present in water. Although various water purification methods eliminate contamination from the water, not all water purification methods are as good as a water purifier.

So, if you are concerned about your drinking water quality, you should install a water purifier at your house in Gurgaon. There are various water purifiers in the market, but the Aquaguard water purifier is the best and affordable. To know more about Aquaguard water purifiers, you can visit the Aquaguard service Gurgaon.

Water Purifier And Its Importance

A water purifier is based on modern and advances water purification technology below; we have listed some of the widely accepted water purification technology, so read this till the end

  • Reverse Osmosis Technology

A water purifier based on reverse osmosis technology uses a semi-permeable membrane to eliminate water contamination. The semi-permeable membrane used in this technology are selective; thus, it doesn’t allow other molecules to accept water to pass through it. Thus in reverse osmosis water purifier, the removal of contamination occurs based on molecular size. A water purifier based on reverse osmosis technology eliminates all kinds of contamination, but it is mainly used in that area where the TDS concentration is high compared to the microbial contamination.

  • UV Technology

A water purifier based on UV technology eliminates microbial contamination from the water, so this water purifier is good for those areas where the microbial contamination is comparatively higher than the TDS concentration in water. A UV water purifier uses UV rays that penetrate the microbial cell and destroy their genetic material; thus, microbes lose their ability to grow and reproduce. And this is the reason why water becomes free from microbial contamination.

How To Prevent Waterborne Diseases?

According to the WHO, waterborne disease’s major causes are drinking contaminated water, and avoiding drinking contaminated water can prevent waterborne diseases. You should try drinking contamination-free water, whenever you go for drinking a glass of water. Here are a few more tips that will help you to prevent waterborne disease, so keep reading it till the end.

  • Drink water that is healthy and crystal clear
  • Make sure your drinking water is properly covered
  • Maintain proper hygiene inside your kitchen
  • Avoid eating uncooked/unhygienic food
  • Make sure to clear your water storage tank regularly

Why Should You Take Waterborne Disease Seriously?

Not only developing but developed countries are also suffering from this deadly disease according to several data more than 3.4 million people lose their life although not all people who get affected by waterborne disease lose their life but who recover from this has weakened immune system; as a result, they become prone to the various kinds of other diseases so don’t take it lightly and be careful about this.

The immune system of a person stays strong and active. If the person maintains a balanced diet, hygiene, and intake of water and food. As immunity system fights against the pathogens or foreign particles in your body. So, one must definitely intake contamination-free water to stay healthy.

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In the above paragraph, we have discussed waterborne diseases and how a water purifier can protect you from these destructive issues. But what do you think the only installation of a water purifier will help you with this?

If you are concerned about your drinking water quality, then make sure to maintain your water purification system as this will help you to drink contamination-free water for a longer duration as it cleans the water purifier’s filter; as a result, a water purifier provides 100% pure and healthy water.

Being an electronic device, a water purifier normally acquires some wear and tear; thus, a water purifier may lose its efficiency and accuracy, so its regular water purifier service is crucial to avoid waterborne disease. Some of the common waterborne diseases which can be dangerous are Diarrhea, Typhoid, Cholera, and many others.


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