Floors in any premise are subjected to extremities and hence attract a lot of dust, germs, and stain. Often when something edible drops on the floor, we garbage it. Why? The answer is simple. Because once anything edible falls on the floor, it comes in contact with the unwanted germs and hence we consider it is not fit for consumption. Cleaning the floor is an essential task in every premise. Floors also get stained easily. This article will guide you and help you find tips and tricks on how to remove stains from the floor.

The most common and popular types of flooring that you will spot inside the premises are wooden, marble, granite, bamboo, tiles, and vinyl flooring. Depending upon the type of floor, the tricks are used for cleaning the same. Wooden flooring is an extremely popular option and one that requires high maintenance. Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is a versatile option and considered stain-resistant to a great extent. So, each flooring type requires a different method of handling and cleaning stains.

Wooden Flooring stain removal techniques

Any stubborn stain on the hardwood floor can steal the beauty of the flooring. Here are simple hacks that can help to remove dark spots from the surface of a wooden floor:

  1. Wood bleach is an effective solution to take care of the dark spots that appear on its surface.
  2. Chlorine bleaching agents can do the trick as well. It is not expensive and easy to perform. It is effective in removing curry and food stains, blood stains, and grease stains.
  3. White vinegar is easily available in every household. You can mix a cup of warm water with a cup of white vinegar to get the magical solution. Apply the solution to the affected area and scrub it. Then clean it with a clean cloth to see the difference.
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide is another effective agent to remove stains and odours from the floor. Take a cloth and dip it in the solution directly. Apply the soaked cloth on the affected area and allow it to sit there for 8 hours. Then remove the cloth to spot the difference.
  5. Baking Soda can be mixed with vinegar to form a thick paste. Apply the mixture to the affected area and allow it to dry. Now, remove the paste with a microfiber cloth and you will see that the spot is removed.
  6. Oxalic Acid is another great way to remove stains from the floor. It is more effective in removing rust and water stains. Follow the safety norms while using this material.

Vinyl Flooring stain removing tips

People use vinyl flooring in their premises because it is versatile and stain/water-resistant. But still, it requires hacks and tricks that can keep the flooring away from stains. Let’s check the tips about how to remove stains from the floor:

  1. Isopropyl Alcohol is one of the quickest and the most effective ways to deal with stains on such flooring. It is a disinfectant that is easy to spot in the store, offline and online. It can easily work on tough stains. But be careful while using the product because it is flammable.
  2. Liquid stains are well taken care of by bleaching agents. So, take the proportion of bleach and water in a 1:4 ratio respectively. Dip a rag in the solution and use it to wipe spots of water, juices, tea, or coffee from the floor. Moisture is the biggest enemy of vinyl flooring and you should not allow any liquid to sit on such flooring for a long time. So, take immediate action to save your floor.
  3. Oxalic acid is also useful for removing stains on vinyl flooring.

The tile floor should be handled with care to remove floor stain

Tile floors have become a common sight in several premises. Bathroom floors are mostly found in ceramic tiles. So, let us see how to keep such floors away from stains:

  1. Mopping the floor with phenol and water is a good way to keep such a floor clean.
  2. You can also use a neutral and mild floor cleaner to keep it gleaming and shining.
  3. It is important to clean the grout. You can make a thick paste of baking soda and vinegar to clean the grout. Allow the paste to sit on the grout for half an hour and then wipe it with a clean cloth to see the difference.

Marble flooring stain removing tips

  1. Moisture can damage the floor. So, it is essential to clean and mop the floor to keep it dry. It is made of porous material that makes it vulnerable to moisture.
  2. A combo of hot water and pH-neutral cleaning agent is good to keep the floor away from discolouring.
  3. Also, it is advisable to use soft mops to clean the marble floor.
  4. Keep the floor away from bleach, harsh chemicals, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar. In short, the ingredients that may be good for one type of flooring may not be the best option for the other.
  5. You can only use hot water and a clean cloth to remove the stains from the marble floor if you want to maintain a distance from harsh chemicals. So, keep the floor free of dust, dirt, and clean with hot water, if need be.

Here are a few tips that can keep your floor away from stains. The floor-type mat differs but the following techniques are good to go with every floor kind.

  1. Make it a point to dust your floor daily. This will give longevity to your floor and help you to keep the floor clean.
  2. Do not allow the liquid spills on the floor to stay for long as these can leave a stain. So, ensure to immediately wipe it off with hot water and a clean cloth. Moisture is the perfect enemy of several flooring types and hence allowing it to sit on such floors is the worst thing that you can do to the floor.
  3. You can use mats on the floor to save them from the unnecessary dust and debris that seeps inside the premises.

Final thoughts

So, now you can relax because you have the right information handy with you that can save your floor from ugly stains. The article provides you with the best and simple tips to keep your floor shiny and clean. How to remove stains from the floor – is no longer a thing to worry about.


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