How to start vlogging with your iPhone and what to buy?

A growth in vlogging popularity necessitated a series of suggestions on iPhone vlogging for beginners. The research reveals that when people have to spend more time at home, they prefer to acquire information via video. You can use vlogging to tell tales and transmit information. The key takeaway here is that your viewers can detect the difference between smartphone vlogging that does not use any equipment and one that does.

So, how can you get started with vlogging using your phone? This is our step-by-step guide to vlogging, with all the info you need for your vlogging experience.

Beginners’ vlogging: You must convey a story

You should start vlogging by using stories. To create an engaging tale, you need to connect with your audience. You’ve got to tell a story to make yourself worth listening to. In videos, the beginning, middle, and end should be explicitly described. You won’t build curiosity if you have no tale.

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To start a following, locate a certain audience, provide material regularly for your social media channels, and connect with your viewers when they remark and share

GorillaPod Vlogging Kit



GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit

a new generation of influencers’




Beamo Mini

it will make you seem good wherever you go

The quality of your Vlogs depends only on the gear you use

We are unable to help you create a compelling story, but we do have the greatest equipment for your vlog. Regardless of how you choose to record your vlog, make sure to have constant lighting, a dependable microphone, and stable support. If you try then you can be the narrator of your own life.

Aightbulb and an iPhone (also on the go)

The portable LED lights from JOBY are strong and consistent, plus they are compact and practical. The Beamo and Beamo-Mini are wireless, waterproof, and designed for use in exploring, as they are shock-proof and water-resistant. GorillaPod Mobile Rig tripods made for vloggers are helpful when working with LED lights like JOBY’s.

Vlogging Tripods: A good buy for Vloggers

JOBY’s vlogging tripods are perfect for newcomers to the vlogging community. Designed to be the perfect companion for your phone, these flexible tripods are simple to position. Use them as a selfie-stick while you’re climbing or skiing down a mountain, or place them on your desk in the studio. JOBY tripods let you find creative new ways to hold, wrap, and stand them. Start with a smartphone vlog!

Eliminate Vibration from Your Videos

for shake-free and motion-controlled while you’re running, jumping, or gliding, be sure to check out JOBY’s stabilisers for content creators. The smartphone stabilisers safeguard your phone while filming, extending beyond one foot. These tripods give a steady foundation for your camera, smartphone, mic, or light while remaining flexible and stable.

iPhone vlog setup and vlogger mics: Hear what you desire

JOBY’s microphones for vloggers work with any device, allowing you to record superior audio. The Wavo microphone greatly improves the sound quality you’re looking for. When you are on the road and you have vlogging equipment, you’ll only hear the sounds you desire because the microphones are designed with shock-absorbing technology.


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