How to summon Terraria Bosses

Terraria is a sandbox game packed with action and adventure. In this game, you have to defeat monsters and bosses to progress.

But for a newcomer, it might be confusing. You might be stuck in the game and you may not know what to do next. You are stuck because you don’t know how to get to the next boss.

In order to find or spawn a boss, there some conditions you have to meet or items you need. Like other monsters, they also spawn naturally in some specific location.

By defeating a boss, you can get some exclusive items that you might not find from anywhere else. You can even get to the hardmode stage by defeating the pre-hardmode stage bosses. You can use the Terraria Cell phone to get a lot of information.

Now, here, we will show you the ways to get the bosses.

  1. King slime.

Condition: Defeat 150 slimes when slimes are falling from the sky also known as slime rain. If you have killed King slime before, then you have to defeat 75 slimes in slime rain.

Item: Slime crown.

To craft a slime crown, you need 20 Gel and a Gold or Platinum crown. You need the Demon/Crimson alter crafting station.

You can get Gel by defeating slime. For a Gold or platinum crown, you need 5 gold/platinum bars and a ruby. You can this in the mine

Naturally: You can find King slime at the end of both sides of the map.

Alternatives: If you use a battle potion or stand beside a water candle, the rate of king slime spawn increases.

  • Eye of Cthulhu.

Condition: The player needs to have 200 HP with 10 defenses and at least 3 NPCs in his house.

If these conditions are met, then there is a 33.33% chance that the boss will appear at night in the beginning.

Item: Suspicious looking eye. You have to use these at night to summon this boss. But the condition must be fulfilled then you can summon the boss.

You need 6 Lens to craft this item. Also, Demone eyes and wondering eyes drop this material.

As for the crafting station use the Demon/Crimson alter.

You have to defeat before the sun rises or it will disappear.

  • Queen Bee.

Condition: You have to destroy her larva that is in the bee hive wall. You will find it in the underground jungle.

Item: Abeemination. This monster lives in the Jungle biome, so you have to use the item in the jungle to spawn the boss.

You need 5 Honey Block and Hive, and 1 Stinger and Bottled honey.

A honey platform is needed to make honey block. For stinger, you get them from Hornet and spiked jungle slime.

Again the Hive can be crafted using Workbench, and the ingredient is Hive wall. For the Bottled honey, you need a bottle that can be crafted using glass in the Furnace.

The bottled honey also drops from Queen Bee.

  • Skeletron

You will find the boss in a dungeon. There is an old man standing at the entrance of a dungeon. He is a cursed old man. Hence, by talking to him, you will be able to spawn the boss. The curse on the old men will be lifted after you defeat the boss.

Item: Clothier Voodoo Doll.

You can get this by defeating Angry bones or Dark caster. But there is only a 0.33% chance of dropping.

After defeating the boss, the old man disappears. But he actually turns into Clothier. If you kill him with the Clothier Voodoo doll then the monster will appear again.

  • Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu.

These two monsters normally don’t spawn on the same world.

The Eater of Worlds spawns in a world that has a corruption biome. The Eye of Cthulhu on the other hand spawn on the world that has a crimson biome.

A world doesn’t have both of them. So, only one of the biome will be available.

Is there a way to get both crimson and corruption in Terraria?

Yes, there is a way to get both of them in your world.

There is an NPC call Dryad. You can buy the opposite biomes seeds in the Graveyard biome that you don’t have from Dryad. Thus, with those seeds, you can make an artificial biome.

If you have a Corruption biome, then you can make an artificial crimson biome, it also goes the other way around.

There is another way, which is like an easter egg. Use the 5162020 seed. But this world is kind of different from the normal world.

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5.1 Eater of worlds.

Condition: You have to break 3 Shadow orbs in the corruption chasms. You can use an explosive or a pickaxe that has 65% or more than 65% power.

Food: Worm Food. You have to use this food in the corruption biome to spawn the boss.

You need about 30 Vile powder and 15 Rotten Chunks to craft this in the Demon/Crimson Altar.

The Vile powder can be crafted from Vile mushroom in Alchemy table or placed bottle and the rotten chunk drops from Corruptors, Devourer, and Eater of souls.

If you go outside of the corruption biome, the boss will despawn.

5.2 Brain of Cthulhu.

Condition: Like the other one, here, you have to break 3 Crimson Heart in Crimson Chasms.

Item: Bloody spine. You also have to consume it in the Crimson biome to spawn the boss.

You need 30 Vicious powder and 15 Vertebra and craft it using Demon/Crimson Altar. 

For Vicious Powder, you need Vicious mushroom and vertebra drops from Blood crawler, Face monster, and Folaty gross.

  • Wall of Flesh.

By defeating the boss, you will get in the Hardmode. So you can say it is the last boss before hardmode.

Item: Guide Voodoo Doll. You have to throw it in the lava to spawn the boss.

Voodoo Demons drop this item.

After defeating the boss, the hardmode stage will start. Also, the Hardmode stage will introduce you to a lot of new items along with some new bosses.

Use these to spawn a boss and enjoy the game.


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