Let’s face facts: Instagram’s first metric, the follower count, has long been abandoned. It’s now largely seen as an indicator of your self-worth rather than an important metric for Instagram marketing. It shouldn’t be dismissed. Organic followers’ growth is a sign that people are interested and curious about your content. This is a sign that your marketing strategy and content plan are working. It’s still important to monitor Instagram follower’s growth.

What is the purpose of tracking Instagram follower’s growth?

Let’s be clear: Organic follower growth is the only meaningful metric. While any inauthentic methods to increase your followers will make you feel great, that’s it. Fake followers won’t be interested in your content. Fake followers don’t produce leads or convert. Before you start to monitor your metrics, make sure your followers are genuine people who are interested in your content, products or services. However, if you are looking for authentic audiences, steady follower growth (or a lack thereof) can be one of the first indicators that your content strategy and/or marketing strategy are working. In fact, there are several reasons to monitor this metric.

This helps you evaluate the effectiveness and consistency of your content planning

  • It will tell you when to make changes to your strategy
  • This indicates whether your brand awareness and online presence are growing at a healthy pace
  • It allows you to assess your marketability and competitive performance.
  • How to view Instagram’s follower history

You have two options to view your follower analytics. You have two options to access your follower analytics: Instagram Insights (the platform’s analytics tool), or online analytics services such trendHERO. Instagram Insights can be accessed by all users who have Business accounts. By selecting the option in your profile settings, you can change your profile to Business. Keep in mind that only profile statistics from the date of the switch will be displayed. All information in your profile statistics will be deleted if you return to a personal account.

You can see that Instagram’s analytics tool shows you how many people followed you in the past week and how many have unfollow your account. This information may not be sufficient to assess your profile’s performance. You can also use trendHERO analytics to get a larger picture. It is simple to use. After you sign in to your TrendHERO account you will be able to see your Dashboard page. In the search bar, type an Instagram name or copy the link to your Instagram profile. A report will be generated by the service. The report can take up to 12 hours or less. It depends on how large the account is and if it has been checked by trendHERO before. After your Instagram report is complete, you will have access to detailed Instagram profile analytics and the Instagram follower tracker.

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TrendHERO: How to track Instagram followers over time

TrendHERO goes one step further than Instagram Insights. It provides basic information about follower growth. TrendHERO offers a lot of information regarding follower growth tracking. The service recently added Tracking to its offerings. This feature allows you to track growth dynamics and changes in statistics in real-time. A graph that shows how your followers have grown over time is shown in this informative graphic: The system defaults to showing a profile growth rate for a month. However, you can alter the tracking period by signing up for a paid plan. This graph is made up of two parts. The graph above displays the follower growth dynamics over a period of time. Below is a list of all daily changes. The red and blue columns represent positive and negative growth, respectively. You can hover your cursor over graphs to see the ratio of total followers to the change in followers on a given day. This graph shows, for example, that an Instagram account had 1.74M followers on January 20, and that it lost 394.5 followers that day. This section also contains a helpful graph that shows how follower growth dynamics are affected by profile mentions.

Marketers who need to track the effectiveness of promo campaigns will find this metric extremely helpful. It is easy to track any mentions made by the profile you are following. It’s also a great way for you to see how successful their collaborations with brands have been. Move your cursor across a graph to see how many mentions were made on the day, and who mentioned the profile. TrendHERO tracking also provides additional data to help you track the effectiveness of your ads. This will allow you to see how sponsor mentions impact follower growth.


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