Project management is an area of a global business that involves professionals who keep projects on track by mapping out timelines and assessing project risks and challenges.

If you are curious about the necessary competencies and trades that you need to acquire to establish yourself as a successful project manager, then continue reading this blog to find out about the abilities that you can hone by opting for project management courses offered in Dublin, Ireland.

Technical skills of a project manager

Planning and forecasting

Skill planning is an essential element of project management requirements that involve guessing about required resources and timelines, where you need to make estimates and predictions.

Risk management

As a project manager, you are expected to be efficient add dealing with risks associated with every project, as well as navigating the best form of outcome.


When on a project management career path it is likely for you to encounter financial constraints, wherein you need to implement budgeting and scheduling abilities to deliver projects within a deadline.

Tracking and monitoring

To complete the project successfully you must ensure that all projects are running according to plan and support the broader business objectives.

Principles and methodologies

As a project manager, you are expected to be total with the project management approaches for overseeing and completing targets.

Meeting facilitation

When leading projects as a manager you need to be skilled at facilitating meetings, retrospectives and status, as well as creating documentation notes and agendas.

Industry expertise

As a project manager, you are supposed to be familiar with the industrial sector, you’re engaged with keeping in mind estimated costs and resources.

Project management software

It is always better to learn about the different elements of information technology to keep track of a project using task lists and spreadsheets, as well as streamline collaboration and centralise communication.

Project management soft skills


Project managers are supposed to demonstrate their ability to act as team leaders, ensuring that everyone is on board and motivated to handle their to-do lists.


Project managers are recruited based on their ability to showcase written and verbal communication skills both with their team members and stakeholders to keep everybody informed about the project plan and the latest happenings.


Your primary goal as a project manager is to ensure that every member of the team is working together effectively to put forward a winning project, as well as resolving conflicts from time to time that are project related disagreements.

Time management

As a project manager, you will be acting as a point of contact for several team members and associated departments, which calls for the ability to manage your own time and the capacity of delivering projects on point.


as a project manager, you are expected to be exceptionally organised to keep track of all the deadlines, task dependencies and resources.


In the field of project management, unexpected issues are bound to crop up to tackle which you must develop solutions on your feet to keep the project moving forward.

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