Interesting facts you would like to know about the lucky bamboo

Popular as the Chinese water bamboo or the Goddess of Merc plant, the lucky bamboo is
associated with good luck and fortune. Although you might be mistaken to believe that it is a bamboo plant, the fact is that it is a member of the Lily family in the Plant Kingdom. You can get lucky bamboo plants for your house. They have their Association across various cultures. The Chinese culture considers it to be lucky while the Asian culture associates it with good luck, wealth and happiness and Feng Shui believe that lucky bamboo can bless you with riches and power. Let us know about many other interesting facts associated with the lucky bamboo. In Chinese culture, the lucky bamboo is regarded as a symbol of good luck. The Chinese people bring the lucky bamboo plant in order to bless themselves with good fortune. They believe that the number of stalks in the plant represents various different good signs.

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● A lucky bamboo with two stalks indicates love and can also double up your good fortune.
● You may buy indoor bamboo plants online with 3 stalks for increasing longevity and
happiness in your life.
● While a lucky bamboo with 5 stocks would represent wealth and would also contribute to growing your business.
● A Lucky bamboo with 6 stalks is associated with prosperity.
● If you have lucky bamboo with seven stalks, you can be assured of good health.
● 8 stalks in the lucky bamboo plant can stimulate our luck.
● While nine stalks in the plant are indicators of good fortune coming into our life.
● If you get a plant with 10 stalks, it will indicate perfection
● If you are able to spot a lucky bamboo plant with 21 stalks then you will be blessed with abundance.
If you’re thinking about where to place the lucky bamboo in your house then you must pay attention to the following advice in order to get the maximum positive effects of this plant.
● You may buy plants online and buy them in bulk in order to place them at various
places in your house such as the kitchen or in the garden or in your living room.
● If you are willing to place the lucky bamboo plant in your kitchen then you must search
for three stalked or five stalked lucky bamboo, as they are recommended for the kitchen.
● If you are willing to place the lucky bamboo in your study room or near your workstation in your office, then you must choose the southeast or the east direction in order to stay focused.
● You may place the lucky bamboo on a round table and not on the regular square or
rectangular table because Feng Shui suggests a round table for the lucky bamboo in
order to bring positive energy.
● Lucky bamboo can grow in water just like Cut flowers and that is the reason why it is
also called the Chinese water bamboo, it can last for several years thus, ensuring
prosperity in your house.
● The best part of bringing the lucky bamboo into your houses is that you do not need to
worry about soil, the lucky bamboo requires clean water and sunlight for its growth. The
more you look after it, the more it will survive.

Other interesting facts:

  1. The lucky bamboo plant is used in battling infections and accelerating the healing
    process. In order to cure injuries and wounds, you can easily get these plants through
    online plant delivery at a place.
  2. The lucky bamboo has a great importance in feng shui and that is the reason why it has
    been used in Feng shui for over more than 5000 years.
  3. You will observe a slow growth in the lucky bamboo which you have placed in your living
    room because The lucky bamboo grows up to 1 inch every month.
  4. The lucky bamboo plant absorbs the carbon dioxide content from the air. thus making it
    clean for you to breathe and making a healthy environment around you. You can buy the
    lucky bamboo plant and many other air purifier indoor plants online.
    So, hurry and bring a lucky bamboo now!


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