Ketomac Tablets – An Effective remedy for fungal infections.

Ketomac tablets are a broad-spectrum drug popularly used as a remedial measure for fungal infections in those people who are immune to other treatments like, Histoplasmosis, Chromomycosis etc. Ketomac tablet contains 200mg ketoconazole and should ideally be taken twice a day or as prescribed by your physician. Some people exhibit certain side effects like stomach ache, dizziness, vomiting, skin rashes, headache, hair loss etc after taking keto mac tablets. It is advisable to read Ketomac tablet uses in Hindi and English before taking it.

How are Ketomac tablets beneficial in curing fungal diseases?

  • People who have tried various remedies for Athlete’s foot, Joke Itch and other similar infections are advised to take Ketomac tablets as it contains ketoconazole which known for its ability as an anti-fungal agent. Studies have shown that it is an effective remedy for this kind of infection.
  • Dandruff can be very embarrassing if not taken care of at an early stage. Ketomac tablets have also proved beneficial in curing chronic cases of Dandruff. The white flakes and itchy skin can become very irritating, to say the least.
  • You must have noticed that sometimes the skin of your chest, arms, legs or neck becomes dark at some places. This happens because of hyperpigmentation that can be cured by taking a prescribed dose of Ketomac tablets. It treats infections caused due to Ringworm.
  • Ketomac tablet effectively brings down the testosterone levels in your body.
  • Youngsters generally suffer from acne that persists even after trying various remedies. Ketomac is effective in solving the problem of Acne and the results can be seen in about four to eight weeks.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis can be cured using Ketomac cream.

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What Care should be taken while using Ketomac tablets?

  • Ketomac tablets are prescribed to those patients who do not respond to other therapies or treatments.
  • Use of Ketomac tablet may cause dizziness, itchy skin, headache, nausea etc. Consult your doctor immediately if these symptoms persist and follow the instructions given.
  • Maintain proper hygiene at all times poor hygiene is the main cause of infections.
  • Children should not be able to reach the place where these tablets are kept.
  • Also, be careful about the expiry date and dispose of any expired tablets immediately to avoid any unwanted consequences.
  • The tablets can be taken with or without meals and the suggested course should be completed to have the desired result.
  • Take care not to miss a dose and if it happens, take it immediately when you remember. Do not take an overdose in any case as this may prove harmful.

Ketomac tablets and Ketoskin cream are very effective and are trusted by people throughout the country. Ketoskin cream price is also very reasonable and within reach of everyone. Ketoconazole is available easily in many different forms as stated above and can be used in any form or as indicated by your doctor. Make sure you complete the prescribed course even if your symptoms disappear in the initial days. This will ensure complete recovery and no recurrence of the fungal infection.


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