Know About Japanese Cars International Trade

Japanese trading which includes import and export of cars and vehicle now going to grow in an unexpected way because most of the giants manufacturer shifting manufacturing plants to other region in Asia. To cut more cost and to get higher import and export results between the international trade of car and vehicles. Overseas production leads to low cost of production and low cost of export toward destinations. Now, producer focusing on quality rather than making it made in Japan tags.

According, to top producers they want to sell cars and vehicle to Japan rather than to made in Japan with better sources of quality and lower cost. In other words lower cost means more capacity to produce more units in same investment with higher quality which will be better as before. Low-cost cars not only demand of Japan but other countries, as well as time, are changing exchange and inflation. This hits the economy its leads to higher demand which never seen before.

Most of the manufacturers moving toward an emerging strategy for parts production to compact production cycle and cut more cost, if we compare the automotive industry with electronic gadgets and other household products this industry can take a number of years to be mutually stabilizing in the overall world according to cost and prices as this industry testing and safety checks are more complicate than other industries.

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Further re-import trend in Japan increasing as local production now shift but the quality of cars and vehicles boosting which is also boosting old and use cars and vehicles exports as well. But as we know with some easiness hardship also visits together when manufacturer moving and pushing trade outside of Japan many agents and exporters begin some unethical trade and become a cause for stopping smooth trade between Japan and other countries they manipulating with many rules and regulations for personal benefits such as –

1.    Export Fake / Forged Documents

As the trade of Japan increase, exporter from Japan begins to use fake or forged documents. Therefore, it was to make it unseen by government of exporter and importer countries to hide from taxes and regulatory. This includes fake stamps and seal over documents from exporter country. In that matters governments get involves because traders using baggage or gift rules which is not permitt by any government. For commercial traders, that happens due to government weak system and non-availability of uniform data between the countries. On such type of issues trade and investment sector complain to both countries governments.

 Hence, have to be involved in that misusing and to stop it to make sure proper and legal channel trades. This is only possible when customs authorities of exporter and importer countries get proper and uniform data. Also, to use similar documents which can be verified easily in few seconds via unified online system. To avoid fake and forged documents, as this matter has very strong impact between governments. Hence, this has mutual undertaking of global trading many countries become onboard and to begin data sharing between countries customs authorities.

 This is only a best possible way to over some on this problem and stop nonprofessional trader. Who are not willing to do businesses properly according to proper channels! Further to make this transitions faster and smoother embassies of importer countries get involve to endorse gift and baggage matters quickly to make sure smooth and fair transactions between the countries.

2.    Trade Quota

At the beginning of trade from Japan many countries showing interest. In Japanese automotive sector and Japanese cars and vehicles become popular in demand. Here when demand increasing exporter and agents from Japan begin to use other ways to boost sales. Although, they not consider what were legal or illegal way as Japanese trade. Hence, this shifted and it’s increasing day-by-day at other hand exporters and agents from Japan. Take step outside of Japanese rules and regulations even they not follow worldwide quota system. In addition, orders sequences at this stage many countries bearing delay and unavailability of booked cars and vehicles. Because of that, at this stage Japanese loosing trust, this happened mostly with US when it happened.

Therefore, US begin to boost local industry and put import quota for US importers with heavy taxes. Thus, this era was development age for US automotive industry. Where US become a competitor of Japan! Furthermore, this way of dealing by Japanese used cars exporter and agents were not profitable. They lose very big market by malfunctioning trade and quota system issue by different countries. Japanese manufacturer also faces huge losses when it’s come to agreement between US and Japan.

After import quota system implementation by the US many brands from Japan open production plants in the US. This is so, to bypass the export difficult process and to maintain new vehicles quality. As US users were more conscious about quality and fuel average. So when Japanese brands begins production after long struggle. Suddenly, policies has change by US government which hurts Japanese industry very strongly. In that era most of known brand faced heavy losses. Until government not support as local manufacturer at that time local, US manufacturer not fulfilling demand. So government revised support for Japanese brand. Also, allow them to work again to support and meet local demand which were hurt first by Japanese after by US local policies.

Final Words

As we know when things getting start its take time to settle in proper way. So, we can say that with flow of time things getting better and smooth for Japanese used car exporter and other countries as well. Now a day’s Japan is enjoying multi countries production of vehicles with desire quality and prices. By the local countries demand and its exports from Japan also on peak and market leader. Though, that story not ends here after every ten to twenty year technological revolution push industries to reset standards. Put something new which were never before and to be more attractive and luxurious. Japan has to maintain what they are doing since beginning of automotive industry. It needs to run with time to keep same position international markets.


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