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Latest Emerging Trends in Social Media 2021

All advertising strategies need social media platforms when it comes to digital marketing. Understanding the outcomes and results you wish to achieve for a brand through these platforms is valuable. Incorporating the latest trends in the niche and how to adopt them can maximize a company’s profits, sales, audience, etc.

Social media is far away from being rigid. Every day there are constant updates, cut-throat competition, paradigm shifts in markets, consumer interests, privacy regulations, and technological changes.

There are over 3.45 billion social media users currently, nearly 45% of the world’s population. These social media users use emerging trends such as Facebook pages, Instagram shopping posts, and Tiktok hashtags to reach their friends, family, customers, and learners. As a result, social media remains the most effective marketing tool a business can have.


1. Using Stories in Social Media Posts

Regarded as a news feed, but one that is more visual and contains fewer texts. Stories are ephemeral in content. Marketers use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp to create awareness for their audience and build forums through straightforward interactive content.

An excellent example of a company using some of the best marketing strategies is NETBASE QUID which collects insights from target markets by analyzing consumer behavior, patterns, and competitors. The company’s services include campaign strategies, trend analytics, product innovation, and launch and competitive intelligence. Over 60% of consumers become interested or purchase after seeing a brand/product in stories.

2. Successful Companies Will Use Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers and personalities are paid to advertise products and services to their followers. What makes influencers so adept is because consumers are wary of ads and untrusting faceless company brands. It makes them trust other brands with a person they know even though the relationship is over social media.

Influencers and Micro-influencers will create more audio and video content to reach their audiences. For instance, statistics show that there are about 700k active podcasts worldwide, and over 50% of Americans have listened to a podcast.

Companies should collaborate with Influencers using video and podcasts in several ways, such as:

• Q&A and FAQ sessions

• Advertising for products, events, promotions, and services

• Video demonstrations and illustrations

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

As one of the emerging trends, this technology integrates digital components into the actual line of sight by enhancing reality with digitally modified images and features.

Examples of this futuristic technology include:

i. Facebook’s AR Studio-designed quality interactive experiences for the Facebook camera allowing for distribution to more people, including new platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Lite, and Messenger.

ii. Snapchat and Pokemon -Go have filters and lenses that consumers regularly use.

How Marketers use Augmented Reality to Achieve Optimum Results

AR and Live events-With a smartphone, AR app, and a leveled surface, consumers’ can attend a one-on-one event with organizers or play AR games with competitors.

AR videos are compelling by creating interactive videos that show consumers how to use their products and project user experience for services rendered.

4. Use of Chatbots as an emerging trend

Chatbots are now known to be quicker, available, effective, and more innovative in offering solutions for successful companies as part of emerging trends. In addition, they can easily communicate with multiple customers without breaks or pay while also improving the customer experience.

Chatbots are a must-have for an emerging trend in 2021 onwards for companies looking to up their game. The benefits associated with using them are:

• Automation of services

• Easy to design

• Emphasize the company’s brand

• When well-optimized Chatbots communicate in a user-friendly way

5. Social Commerce as one of the emerging trends

happens when social networks enable social interactions and users’ contributions to assist in online selling and advertising products and services. According to consumers, it is more satisfying to shop for products without leaving social media platforms. Instagram remains among the social media giants in this field.


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