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QuickBooks won’t open is a common error that has been faced by the users. The software is very useful in managing the sales record, tracking the finances, etc. However, users face many issues while using the application. Therefore, we have prepared this article to resolve the error “my QuickBooks won’t open.” It will include the reasons behind the issues. Symptoms and also the solutions to resolve the problem.

QuickBooks has many efficient features that have helped the users to email track their transactional data. But just like any other application it also has some errors. It is recommended to avoid jumping directly into the solution if you do not have much knowledge regarding the issue.

QuickBooks Won’t Open

The error generally occurs when the user tries to open the QuickBooks Desktop. While dealing with the issue, you may experience the slow response of the system. Due to the QuickBooks 2016 Won’t open, the user may also come across various error codes like Error 1603, Error 1935, and etc.

If you are facing the issue then you might also receive the error message:

QuickBooks already has a company file open. If you want to open another company file, close this one first.

Only QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions can open two company files at once.

Symptoms of the QuickBooks Won’t Open

Before continuing, it is important to first identify the error you are dealing with. Sometimes, users are not able to identify the error, go through the symptoms list to make sure, you are facing the issue.

  • The computer you are using the software might freeze completely.
  • You have not installed the QuickBooks completely.
  • A user won’t be able to access the company file.
  • The device may respond sluggishly to the mouse and the keyboard inputs.

Reason Behind the QuickBooks Won’t Open

There could be several reasons behind the occurrence of the error QuickBooks won’t open. We have discussed some of them below.

  • The error might have arisen due to the missing or damaged QBWUSER.INI file.
  • The long name of the QuickBooks file could also be the trigger for the arising of the problem.
  • You might be using a damaged Windows operating system.
  • The installation of the QuickBooks Desktop has not been done properly.

Troubleshooting Method of QuickBooks Won’t Open Error

Now since you have identified the issue and also have enough knowledge of why the error occurred in your device, it is time to resolve the problem from your system. If you are not comfortable at performing the resolving method on your own then try to take some professional guidance.

Method 1: Download and Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Instal Diagnostic Tool is a very useful application that helps to resolve almost all kinds of issues from the system.

  1. First of all, go to the official website of Intuit QuickBooks and download the Diagnostic Tool.
  2. Click on the downloaded file to install it.
  3. Then after installation run the tool to fix the problem from your system.
  4. Check if you are still getting the error or not.

Method 2: Rename QBWUSER.INI File

If you will rename the QBWUSER.INI file, then it will help you to erase the errors related to the folder.

  1. On your keyboard press the keys Windows + E simultaneously.
  2. Under the tab Organize, search for the button Folder and Search, click on the choice.
  3. Click on the View button.
  4. Go to the Advanced Settings, look for the option Hidden files and folders.
  5. Click on the Show hidden files and folders.
  6. Hit the OK button.
  7. Go to the option My Computer and then select option C:// Drive.
  8. From there go to the Documents option and then Local Settings.
  9. Hit the choice Application Data.
  10. Tap the Intuit button and then choose QuickBooks.
  11. Click on the QBWUSER.INI file and Hit the Delete or Rename option.

Method 3: Open the Company File From Different Location

  1. Click on the keyboard keys Windows + E simultaneously.
  2. Search for the data file with the .qbw file extension and also browse the network drive where you have saved the folder.
  3. After locating the company file, click on it and hit the Copy button.
  4. Go to the C://Drive and create a new folder.
  5. Name the folder name as QBTEST.
  6. Now paste the company file in the newly created folder.
  7. Open the QuickBooks application and hold the CTRL-key.
  8. Hit the option Open or Restore an Existing Company.
  9. Look for the option C:\QBTEST.
  10. Now check the company file that you have just copied and pasted in QBTEST.

Method 4: Restart the Device

Rebooting or restarting the system might help you to resolve the error in your device.

So after rebooting the system, verify if you can open the QuickBooks file or not.

Final Words!

Along with method 4, we have come to the end of the solution. We are hopeful that the article has helped you to resolve the error from your system. However in some cases users still get the same or another issue, if this is the matter with you too, then contact the support team. You can easily access the customer care helpline number from the official website of Intuit QuickBooks. The team is available 24X7 to help their customers. If you liked the article then share it with your friends, family and teammates. Share which method helps you to get rid of the issue.


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