Don’t you think that female friendship is stronger? Females can discuss any topic at length and provide emotional support to each other. Laughing, crying, shouting, fights with your girl gang are worth it as they make your bong stronger. So, have you ever watched any series or movie with your girl gang? If not then you have missed the real fun! The next time you are planning to watch something with your girl gang choose the shows that are listed below.

  1. The Bold type

Want to celebrate girl friendship? See this Netflix series, which portrays how three best friends go through their ups and downs in career, romantic relationship, and trajectories together. They fight to define their identities, manage friendships, and find love while working together to print each issue for their magazine “Scarlet”.

  1. The Kissing Booth 3

Before watching this movie make sure you have watched the earlier parts! The plot revolves around Elle who has a crush on her childhood best friend’s elder brother. In spring festival Elle and her best friend put up a kissing booth stall where she bumps into her crush. Watch to know whether Elle chooses her childhood best friend or her crush. As per The Next Hint’s report, the season 3 of kissing booth was updated on Netflix on 11th August, 2021. All the popular opinions included positive reviews about part 3. 

  1. Stranger Things

If your girl gang is adventurous and more into sci-fi, drama, and horror, then watch this with them. The plot of the story is based in Hawkins where experiments are done secretly on paranormal and supernatural activities. They also have an upside-down dimension which turns the life of people hawking upside down!

  1. Mismatched

Rohit Sarraf is the new crush of almost all the girls. The Mismatched is a Hindi romantic and dramatic Netflix original web series. Watch how Rishi, a young guy who believes in the traditional way of dating, has come to Aravali Institute to find his ‘Future Wife’ meets Dimple Ahuja who is not in favor of marriage and wants to be a tech wizard, and how they both fall in love!

  1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If your girl gang loves supernatural horror then this is an amazing series that you should watch together. The plot of the show is on Sabrina who is a half-witch and half-human. She lives a double life, one as a high school student in the normal world and the other as a sorcery student in a magical world. This show is a bleak coming-of-age tale laced with terror, fear, and witchcraft. 

  1. Feel Like Ishq

In this show, six directors have come together, to show what love is like through relatable and joyful episodes. Feels Like Ishq is a breezy, engaging, and heartfelt series that explores the many colors of love and passion with small baggage of complexities and difficulties. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

After watching these movies, you will have a lot to gossip about with your girls. So, what are you waiting for, plan a movie night with your girl gang and watch these Netflix movies.


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