Oktoberfest Party

It’s almost time for the festivities of Oktoberfest! If you’re having a party, there are many things you need to know to throw an event that your friends will love, such as a pretty dirndl dress, essential accessories and much more. 

It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to get an authentic German look for your entire home. Nowadays, many people are bringing a little bit of Germany right into their homes. They’re looking for everything from Oktoberfest decorations to items they can display in their living room that remind them of their German heritage.

The following is a complete guide on what you need to have for the best Oktoberfest party:

German Dirndl Dress 

Dirndls are a German tradition. You’ll need one to wear while celebrating Oktoberfest. There are many online stores that sell dirndls and other outfits for women; you can easily purchase your German dirndl dress from such stores. 

To get into the spirit of Oktoberfest, it is customary for women to wear a dirndl, a traditional dress with a bodice and skirt fastened together by ties around their waist. The material should be loose enough to allow for movement and be comfortable on warm days.

Dirndls are traditional Bavarian outfits that were originally peasant clothing in Austria. In 1810, Oktoberfest was first celebrated in Munich, and women wore tiny umbrellas over their hoop dresses. Today, dirndl dresses are made of modern and luxurious materials.

A Dirndl Apron 

Next, you’ll need a German-themed apron. This charming apron features the European style of deluxe rose lace. It’s practical, too; you can use it during your Oktoberfest party and then wear it after the party is over.

But don’t settle for just any apron. There are many beautiful Oktoberfest aprons that feature beautiful rose lace. Your guests will appreciate the details when you use this quality apron while serving dishes during your party and beyond.

Hair Style

If you’re going to host an Oktoberfest party, be sure to remember one detail: your hair. Braids and twists may seem like a good idea, but they can be too complicated and frustrating to deal with if you’re trying to do them yourself. Instead, opt for something a bit easier, like pigtails or buns.

If you want to look like a Bavarian maiden at Oktoberfest, it’s as easy as doing your hair in a beautiful updo and adorning it with edelweiss or summer poppy garlands. Easy and elegant, you’re sure to make a good impression. Choosing natural flowers is the best option. 

Bavarian Accessories 

We know that the right accessories can make any outfit pop. That’s why an authentic collection of German accessories like ties, card cases, scarves, and pins ensure that your attire stands out.

Let us have a look at the different essential accessories with your Bavarian Dirndl Dress. 

  • Edelweiss Jewelry 

Pair your dirndl with a matching choker or ribbon necklace to accessorize. Popular items include pewter edelweiss flowers, deers, lions, pretzels, and beer stein pendants.

Add a pair of silver-plated earrings featuring an edelweiss flower. The edelweiss is a famous German symbol, although it is seldom seen in the wild; it grows only at high altitudes in the Bavarian Alps.

Bracelets are commonly worn with a German Dirndl dress and can feature ribbon, leather, or metal. Scarves can be tied around your neck and then moved onto one of your wrists as you change up your look.

  • Purse and Bags 

Since you aren’t allowed to bring large bags into Oktoberfest’s beer tents, make sure your purse is small. It’s more practical to drink 1-liter glasses of beer while holding a small purse than a big bag!

When looking for a crossbody purse to match your Oktoberfest outfit, you can find many different styles and fabrics. We have some leather purses as well as some made from lederhosen fabric (genuine leather) or shaped like gingerbread hearts at Dirndl Online Store.

If you choose a Bavarian Dirndl dress without the necklace, you can complement your style with a Necklace with Pearls. This necklace is made with Alpine Charms and an elaborate Edelweiss flower. There are also other classy options for you to choose from.

Now last but not least, Oktoberfest decoration. Have a look at it!

Oktoberfest Decoration 

Need Oktoberfest decorations to make your party perfect? You have to make a selection of authentic German party decorations, Bavarian flag hanging decor, and Oktoberfest supplies. Make your party truly fantastic.

For Oktoberfest party supplies, you need:

  • paper plates
  • toothpicks 
  • napkins 
  • tablecloths

If you are a fashion-conscious girl and are planning to attend the upcoming Oktoberfest party, you shouldn’t worry about finding the right accessories. Just visit the Dirndl Online Store and choose from a variety of fashionable options at affordable prices. So plan your Oktoberfest party before time and arrange all the accessories. 


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