Pairing Style with Class - Wearing Denim

There is a criminal ingenuity about denim – you can style this particular fabric in a plethora of different ways, seriously the limit to styling denim does not exist. Whether it’s a pair of classic denim jeans or chic denim jackets, this fabric can be styled into both upper and bottom wear and still manage to steal the look. 

Denim allows you to be effortlessly chic and yet feel comfortable. Today, we bring to you the top style picks in pairing style with class – all using denim. If you are looking to dip your toe in trends and use denim in the best and most stylish manners possible, our quick style guide is just the place for you. 

Scouring through some intense fashion pages, magazines and influencer looks, we have compiled some of the best laid back yet elevated looks all using the denim enchantment. While there aren’t any must follow fashion rules when it comes to denim, there are a few notes that you can take. 

You don’t have to go full-denim in the form of jeans and a chambray shirt to nail the denim look, there are quite a few stylish iterations we have lined up for you in this quick style guide. 

Coming up – 3 of the best and uber stylish ways of wearing denim for an effortless look. 

1. Blue Denim Jeans with White Shirt 

Nothing comes close to the ubiquity of classic blue denim jeans paired up with white collared shirt or even t -shirts – depending on what you want to flaunt, a formal or a semi-casual look. 

The sheer prevalence of this look all over the decades and globe does not make it any less enticing. 

Whether you want to wear a classic blue denim pair or mom jeans, the denim still has the power to rock the entire look. The various iterations of blue jeans means that you can pick the style which compliments your figure the best and makes you feel the most comfortable. 

Below is a quick guide on the most flattering blue jeans pair based on your figure: 

  1. Hourglass – Mom jeans or skinny jeans look the best on you, skinny jeans cling to your shape and highlight the curves while mom jeans will draw the eyes to your defined waist. 
  2. Column Figure – We would recommend skinny jeans as they tend to accentuate the curves in column figures and draw eyes to a feminine shape. High rise flared jeans with a bootcut also look extremely stylish.
  3. Petite Figures – Straight legged, low to mid rise jeans are recommended for petite figures 
  4. Curvy Figures – Repeat after me, you don’t need to hide behind loose fabrics to conceal your shape – flaunt it and win the show with skinny jeans or lightly flared pants. 

This is a quick guide on how to pick the best pair of indigo denim jeans and pair it up with your favorite white shirt, put on your favorite accessories and shoes that complement the look. 

2. Denim Shorts with Graphic Tees 

This look is not for the faint of the heart – graphic tees add the perfect spice to your outfit especially in the summer season.

Denim shorts allow you to cut down on the extra clothing especially when the sun is turning up the heat and also trend using the denim fabric. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; a plain white t-shirt or a graphic tee shirt paired with faded light blue denim shorts and sneaker shoes look awesome for a refined day time look. The tee can either be of any solid color you prefer – or a graphic tee shirt with imagery reflecting your own personality or taste for a more tenacious look. 

Top off this look with your favorite pair of sunglasses and mix it up a little with some accessories like dangly necklaces or looped earrings paired up with a bold or bright lipstick shade. What makes this look really go off the top is with your hair pulled back in a ponytail or a messy bun. Casual, chic and uber stylish is what they call this – do you want to be called the same? 

Then be sure to try this on a summer or a casual spring day and earn brownie points as the fashionista on the block – we are sure you will. 

3. Ripped Denims with T – Shirts 

Considering the sheer prevalence of styles available to us right now when it comes to denim, no one is surprised that through the past few years, jeans have emerged as wear-anywhere essentials, as opposed to the basic, casual, anti-establishment staples they once were.

 From indigo washed to faded blue, to graphic and artfully-printed styles—not to mention broken-in jackets, vests, and overalls, we’ve taken denim to a whole new, staggeringly broad level.

While we have already talked about styling different shapes of jeans and denim shorts, let’s talk about one of the most fashionable iterations of jeans – ripped jeans. 

Why does one even need ripped jeans? Ripped jeans is the perfect outfit for giving a laid back and elevated look, all at once, for throwing in the perfect element of fashion and spice. Ripped jeans, like a regular pair of denim jeans can easily be paired up with any of your favorite tee shirts, tank tops or even jackets in the winter. 

You can also pair ripped jeans with a denim jacket, while this might not be a traditional take on the denim on denim look, it has been trending for seasons and we believe rightly so.


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