CPIM, a Titoma Group member, is a project management organisation specialising in moulds and intricate plastic assemblies that is managed by Westerners. Both on injection moulds and the fabrication of specialised plastic assemblies, we give our customers significant cost savings (sometimes more than 50%).

Why Choose CPIM as Your Plastic Injection Molding Company:

Although most people are aware that plastic moulds from China are inexpensive, there are several horror stories in the sector. When mould manufacturing in China goes wrong, it usually goes wrong in a huge way, and it can break a company.

We have a lot of expertise in the injection moulding service industry and are very familiar with all of our customers’ worries.

  • Intellectual property protection
  • Finding a company that can offer genuine factory prices is a difficult task.
  • Parts that are injection moulded to match the original product design
  • Redesigning options that can help you save money
  • High-quality injection moulds and excellent service

Our China plastic injection moulds and plastic parts are cheap, but our team of Western and Taiwanese engineers makes sure that our moulds and parts meet the highest quality standards and arrive on time.

When you work with a China plastic injection moulding company, you don’t have to deal with all of the risks and problems that come with working with Chinese plastic injection moulding manufacturers on your own. We do that for you.

Injection Molding in China: Low-Cost Injection Molding:

  • In-depth analysis of your injection part designs to prevent production issues like product returns owing to poor quality.
  • Redesign your parts to ensure that the manufacturer receives the best Design For Manufacturing and Assembly possible.
  • Bilingual project managers for plastic injection moulds on the ground to ensure effective communication with the mould manufacturer.
  • Expert mould design in China that adheres to international manufacturing standards like DME and HASCO
  • Weekly updates on the status of your injection moulding project.

The following are the main services provided by China Plastic Injection Molding:

  • Products made in China that are low-cost injection plastic moulds
  • Tooling with a high return on investment for China’s plastic injection moulding industry
    The Titoma Group can help you develop an effective tooling and injection moulding plan, including raw material sourcing in China, manufacturing setup, and mould pricing optimization.
  • Precision tooling production.
  • Titoma collaborates closely with a small group of moulds precision toolmakers to obtain the finest quality at a fraction of the cost in the West.
  • Low-cost automotive tooling in China
  • At a reasonable price, we offer Class A surfacing solutions.
  • China provides high-quality export tooling.
  • Custom-made tools made to your injection moulding machine’s needs.
  • China produces co-injection tooling.
  • Multiple plastic kinds are injected into one mould portion during injection moulding.
  • Plastic Products Made via Blow Molding
  • Mold made of technical ceramics.
  • Titoma provides ceramic moulds for precision machining, precision moulding, mass manufacturing, and ceramic technology development.

Manufacturing of Metal Parts

  • Metal Stamping Service of High Quality
  • Mold for sandcasting (for larger runs)
  • Mold for die casting (Durable, precise castings in a variety of sizes, shapes, and wall thicknesses.)

Engineering and 3D CAD Services

At the Titoma Group, we can help you design new products and convert 2D to 3D. We also offer product engineering services, like design for China manufacture, reverse engineering, and value engineering, to help you make your product better.
Our main business is to design and make things. We offer a full manufacturing solution to our customers that goes beyond mould making and raw material sourcing, so they don’t have to worry about all of that.

The product’s appearance

  • Size of the product: the bigger the product, the bigger the mould.
  • In the most basic configuration, the mould has only one partition and so has two halves. Many items, on the other hand, come with a plethora of features that necessitate a more complex mould design.
  • The specifications that are written on the product’s surface.


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