Prevent Kidney Diseases with Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Changes

I meet so many people in my daily routine and find most of them suffer from kidney diseases. Not everyone but many people are struggling to get the desired results. Few of them give up and live their life with obesity issues that leads to many health problems.

Obesity does not cause only one health issue but ends up with serious diseases. Hence, being overweight has become one of the major factors that cause death in the world. Obesity leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, kidney failure, etc.

According to reports, the number of people with kidney failure has been increasing every year. Our kidneys are responsible for flushing out the toxins and excess fluids through urine. Such a process helps our body to maintain the balance of salts and other chemicals in the body. My family kidney doctor in Rawalpindi also suggests physical activities help to lower obesity issues.

To avoid kidney issues, we should also bring some lifestyle and diet changes.

Control Your Overweight

It would not be wrong to say that overweight is a nightmare that has become a new pandemic. According to nephrologists, obesity is the most common cause of kidney diseases. Here, you need to learn where you are wrong and what unhealthy choices you have been following.

Recent research says that obesity causes chronic kidney diseases plus end-stage renal disease.

Drink water as much as you can as it helps to remove toxins and other chemicals from your body. Exercise can also help you to lose weight.

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Sleep Tight

Shorter sleep duration is associated with kidney function failure. You should focus on how many hours you sleep a day. Quality sleep affects your body overall. When you have a shorter sleep duration, you may feel tired the whole day, and it also can’t let you focus on anything.

No More Junk Food

I have seen many people who are struggling with diabetes and kidney failure just because they were eating junk or processed food. Not only adults but young adults and kids are also developing type 1 and type 2 diabetes. An unhealthy diet causes obesity issues and may leave you with many health issues. The most important fact here is that being overweight can make you a lazy person, so do you want to become such a person?

Say No to Sugar

Processed food contains sugar that is enough to change your hormonal balance. High consumption of sugar-contaminated foods can result in obesity and diabetes as these are the major cause of kidney failure. You can have a treat with

a burger once in a while but you should not change the healthy diet plan.

Stop Intake of Red Meat

People who eat red meat are at a 40% greater risk of developing kidney issues. It does not mean that you cannot eat red meat but make sure you consume only a limited amount to meet the protein needs of your body. A recent report reveals that red meat impacts kidney function and also increases the chances of end-stage renal disease.

Manage Stress

Stress and hypertension increase the risk of up to 40% of developing kidney failure. Blood pressure is a silent killer that affects your overall body. It gradually affects organs of your body, such as kidney failure, heart issues, etc. You need to learn how to manage stress. Experts say that communication with friends and planning on a trip with them can give you pleasure.

Final Thoughts

Physical activity is also a vital key for healthy kidneys. You need to go for a morning walk or swimming. Such activities can help your kidney to function properly and reduce the risk of obesity issues. Yoga may also help you deal with such health issues, and it’s been proved to release tensions. CDC also believes that if we take care of our kidneys, they will take care of us.


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