Keep Yourself Aware About The Requirements Of Prince2 Certification

For individuals who plan to build a lustrous career in project management, the PRINCE2 certificationholds immense value. Currently, project management has become a lucrative field of work, with companies from various sectors seeking highly skilled project managers. To qualify as an industry-ready project manager, one would need certain certifications. The Prince2 certification happens to be one of the most valued ones.

What is the PRINCE2 certification?

If this certification is entirely new to you, you may be wondering, “What is PRINCE2?”. Well, the term stands for Projects In a Controlled Environment. It is a project management methodology based on certain principles. This methodology aims to enhance the management, organization, and control in managing projects. One of the key aspects of the PRINCE2 project management methodologyis that it focuses on the results rather than the planning phases.

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What are the requirements for the PRINCE2 certification?

Every certification comes with certain requirements. Before pursuing a certification, it is necessary to understand these requirements thoroughly. Only then would one be able to prepare properly for the exam. The PRINCE2 qualificationis available in two different levels: Foundation and Practitioner. The requirements would vary depending on the level that you wish to pursue.

1. Foundation-level:

This is an entry-level certification that validates the candidate’s basic understanding of the PRINCE2 terminologies and methodologies. Hence, once you obtain the foundation-level certification, you should work on projects under the PRINCE2 methodology effectively.

  • The foundation-level certification does not come with any specific pre-requisites.
  • If you possess some basic project management knowledge, it can prove to be quite beneficial. However, this is not a compulsory requirement.

2. Practitioner level

The practitioner-level certification is suitable for individuals who are already a product manager, a senior manager, or an analyst. The training for this certification infuses the candidates with additional skills, which the certificate validates. In addition, to know a candidate holding a foundation-level certification, a practitioner would possess certain extra skills. A practitioner can manage a project team by using the PRINCE2 methodology. He can make changes to the principles of the methodology to make it suitable for a specific project. To be eligible for this certification, a candidate must pass one of the following and possess the relevant documents:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • CAPM
  • PMP Certification (Certified Associate in Project Management)
  • IPMA (International Project Management Association) – Levels A/B/C/D.

Why is the PRINCE2 certification necessary?

Before opting for certification, it is necessary to consider its value. The PRINCE2 project management certificates are globally recognized and can set a candidate apart from the rest. Moreover, in several countries, like India, the USA, Europe, Australia, and China, this certification can help in securing highly-paid jobs.

The importance of this qualification goes beyond the value of the certificate. To obtain it, aspirants would have to undergo extensive training. In addition, this would sharpen the candidate’s skills in project management. Listed below are the points how the certification and training can benefit you:

  • The PRINCE2 methods are quite generic. This makes the methodology very flexible and applicable to projects of various scales. Even, in the case of agile project environments, this methodology would be beneficial.
  • Initially, the certification and the training primarily target to prepare the professionals working in the IT industry for project management. However, the methodology has found popularity across various sectors. This is because the method is effective and is also easy to implement in multiple industries. This adds to the versatility of the certification.
  • After all, the reason why certifications are essential is that they validate certain skills. When you undergo the training for the examination, you will develop your skills significantly. Furthermore, this helps the candidates manage and execute their projects efficiently.

Essentially, these are benefits that a professional would not want to miss out on. Excellent project management skills and a valuable certificate to validate those can help you secure good remuneration.

How to prepare for the certification exam?

Preparing for the PRINCE2certification training is crucial, and you need to choose the right platform to brace up for the same. Though, it is wise to undergo training from the experts. You might want to opt for one of the leading institutions like Koenig that offer the course. Apart from the training, it would also grant you access to various study materials. Institutional training helps to gain a better understanding of the concepts and practical skills. Moreover, the efforts that you spend on obtaining the PRINCE2certification would ultimately pay off.


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