Ready for a Cathartic Crying Session? Here’s What You Need

Some shows and movies are perfect for rewatching because they have those satisfying moments of extremely painful scenes that give you a cathartic crying session. This is perfect after a long week of work or an especially stressful time in your life.

But of course, it’s also important to set the scene before you get your crying release. Here are the things you need before you press play:

A comfortable blanket

You deserve to be at your most comfortable for any and every movie marathon. This means taking a bathroom break beforehand so that you will not have to pause on the most important parts of the movie. This also means having your comfortable blanket around, so you won’t feel cold and uncomfortable at any point in the film. You may even have a favorite pillow to hug, or a favorite position on the couch. Sort them out and get into position.

Your favorite snacks

The beginning of the movie is always a great time for snacking. You are watching the story unfold while you reach for your favorite treats.Yyou’ve had a particularly rough week, this in itself is enough to reward you for all your hard work. If your favorite snack needs a lot of prep, make sure you do this the night or morning before you start the movie. It’s a mix of food items you love, you can prepare it minutes before you start, to keep all ingredients fresh. If you’re in the mood for takeout, plan for this beforehand so that it will arrive on time and not disturb you once you’re already in position.

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A box of tissues

As the movie progresses and you get more emotional about the scenes, it’s important that you have your tissues on standby. They should be within easy reach, and there should be enough so that you will not have to get up and ruin the mood. If you don’t want to be wasteful of tissues, you may also choose to use handkerchiefs that you can just wash afterwards. With your snacks and tissues in place, you can now let it all go and enjoy your favorite crying scenes.

Your self-care kit

As you continue to watch the rest of the movie, you’ll want to start preparing for what happens after–skincare. You wanted, or even craved, the crying session, but you don’t want the puffy eyes after. This means washing your face with a gentle foam and applying your favorite moisturizer and sun screen for sensitive skin, if you finish watching the movie in the daytime. You may also apply your favorite eye cream to bring down any puffiness. If you’re ending your movie at night, make sure you apply your night cream and take a full night’s rest to recover from all the crying.

Crying is good for the soul. If you don’t have room for a few minutes of crying amid a hectic week, make sure you at least have room for it during the weekends and that you give yourself the best setup for it.


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