Want to reinvent your living space with eye-catching decor pieces? There are many options you can choose from; all you need is to check which art form suits your place. Your home is the reflection of your personality, so going for the right decor style is essential. No one likes a shabby home where the decor is minimal and unbalanced.

Balancing the texture, shade, and shape of the art pieces makes a space appear bright and full of life. Canvas photo with text is a new form of decor statement that carries a secret message. While choosing the message, select a generalized subject that makes sense and works as a focal point of a room.

If you are looking for a modern age decor theme, this piece is entirely for you. In this piece, you will find everything about split canvas prints, how to use them, and tips to make your designing journey easy.


Split canvas prints: What, how, and where

Split canvas prints are getting prominent in the field of interior designing. This art form transforms a picture into three to four panels and divides the focal point to make the space appear classy and luxurious.

These decor pieces seem attractive when placed in the right spot. You can make it your bedroom statement decor piece and hang it on the top of your bed. Many hoteliers use this trick to make their room appear tidier and lively without much effort. Just choose the right size and image to get an excellent piece of art. You can even go for custom canvas prints with words and split the entire thing in odd numbers to make the thing eye-catchy and relevant.

How to display split canvas prints?

Displaying the split photo canvas with text is the second most important thing to figure out. As the piece will be the focal point of the room, place it in an eye-level aperture. You can use these in your home or office space. Just keep the subject line of the canvas relevant to other decor items. An unmatched piece will be a decor disaster, so always choose a theme that goes well with the rest of the decor pieces.

Here are four ways to style split canvas prints.

Create an impressive wall gallery- Wall gallery is the easiest way to sass up dull walls. And with a split canvas display, you can reinvent your hallway or staircase space without much investment. All you need to do is select great family vacay pictures and let them get printed. Always choose images with high resolution; this will help you achieve a good quality display and prevent it from getting blur.

You can choose a single picture that includes all your family members and make a solo wall gallery. This is a great way to make a place look chic and elegant.

Make it a bedroom showstopper- If you are at home, you might spend most of your time in the bedroom. So, the pleasing decor will help rejuvenate after a long tiring day. Keep the color palette subtle and the textures minimal. Vibrant shades make space appear smaller and also infers with the rest of the decor style.

Avoid white walls as they can be a bit depressing at times, use pastel shades instead. Choose an image that perfectly goes by your personality. Go for a motivational quote or a picture that has impressive outlining and shades to match up the setting.

Bring shine to your living room- Living space hosts all your guests, so keeping its decor up to date is essential. Most of the homeowners do not pay much attention to this area. However, decorating this space can be daunting.

If you have dark shade accent walls, a white base canvas will bring shine to the place. Try incorporating certain shades and textures to make the piece more alluring and spot on.

Exhibit different patterns and shapes- An abstract split canvas display can rock your living space. Different geometrical patterns and shapes will look quirky and unique. If your wall color is on the lighter side, keep the wall display full of colors and textures. Viceversa, a vibrant wall shade will look subtle with a lighter tone.

If any of your walls have black shade, go for a golden outlined abstract split canvas display. This will make the space appear lavish and airy. 

Tips for Split canvas display 

  • While choosing the spot on the wall, use a fake wall display or print any image and take it as a reference to prevent unnecessary drilling.
  • You can also take pieces of paper to cover the place where you are going to hang the panels. As wooden or metal frames lead to untimely spotting and affect the overall outlook.
  • Always remember to place your split canvas displays at a distance of 1inch to avoid overcrowding.
  • Keep the panels in odd numbers to make them appear even. This trick is followed to make sure that the image is not unfairly extended.

Step by step procedure of creating DIY split canvas display

Step 1: Choose the image.

Choosing the right image is the hardest thing to do. Going through all the images and finding the one with fewer hard lines is challenging. However, this trick will help you in cropping the image if needed. Too many hard lines hinder the cropping process and make the image appear untidy and unfinished.

Step2: Crop the image.

Crop the image as per your requirement. If you are taking a horizontal image, make it three tiles by two tiles and then crop the image according to this ratio.

Step 3: Split the image.

Take help from websites that split images. Upload the image, select your preferred grid and choose how to split it.

Step4: Print the result.

Now, look for a printing store online or offline and ask them to print the image on silk canvases for long-lasting impact. 


The split canvas print can surely outshine regular canvas prints, as the split looks vibrant than the regular one. It can make simple images appear stylish and are also a budget-friendly option to create a unique style. The split canvas is printed on premium silk canvases to ensure long life and high-quality printing in most places.


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